Man Spots Cow Acting Strangely Before It Dawns On Him That He Needs To Follow Her Right Away

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • When you’re driving through two-lane country roads that wind through grassy pastures and alongside farms, you might dub the sights along the way a whole lot of nothing. You’ve see one patch of farmland peppered with grazing cows, you’ve seen ’em all, right? Well, one Canadian man didn’t think so—and he ended up a local hero.

    Dave was driving through Millbrook, Ontario—a township that’s home to about 8,000 people—when he spotted a herd of typical brown cows. When he pulled over to check them out, he noticed one cow was acting a bit strangely. At first perplexed, he soon realized why the cow was behaving that way—and it was a matter of life or death.

    Recently, a man named Dave was driving through a country road in Millbrook, Ontario, a small township not far from Lake Ontario and the United States border. On his way, he pulled over to inspect a grazing herd of cows… and he saw something strange.

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  • Meoww
    Meoww  a years ago +83

    Thank you Dave, for giving your help to this cow & it shows momma's love for it's baby..awesome cow & Dave is one kind man!💜💜💜

  • John Beasley
    John Beasley  2 months ago

    and then the farmers killed the calf... the end

  • Garyomer
    Garyomer  2 months ago

    Thanks Dave

  • DjCole100
    DjCole100  3 months ago

    He saved the calf for a latter slaughter. one of us probably ate him at some point.

  • scrapwolf1
    scrapwolf1  3 months ago

    God Bless Dave!!!

  • Megan Jordan
    Megan Jordan  5 months ago

    Before you use chock cawlers on your 🐕 try it in yourself

  • nakyer
    nakyer  9 months ago

    If he was alone there, who took all those photos?

  • Guy Austin
    Guy Austin  11 months ago


  • Sandy Holliday
    Sandy Holliday  11 months ago

    Dave is a good man. Thank you Dave for being such a good guy and helping that mama cow with her baby. ♥

  • Judy Marks
    Judy Marks  11 months ago

    I love cows they're so cute especially babies congratulations on savings mama from a lost baby

  • Maria L. Rapaglia
    Maria L. Rapaglia  11 months ago +2

    Wow-a great animal saved by a good human being.👍😍

  • BC Stud
    BC Stud  11 months ago

    nice story !

  • Deb Lankford
    Deb Lankford  11 months ago

    I heard man found this cow by flying his drone over the pasture. Which was is?

  • Holly Sigman
    Holly Sigman  11 months ago


  • Cor van de Haar
    Cor van de Haar  a years ago

    you are a very good man

  • rankemperor
    rankemperor  a years ago

    a thousand extra cheeseburgers! Yay!

  • Phyllis Steging
    Phyllis Steging  a years ago

    This poor calf was recently born but had no way to get back to its Mom. But Dave did check on the cow to figure out what was going on. He saved a life and made a Mom extremely happy.. Thank You!!!!!

    JUDY STERNWELL  a years ago


  • richieboy09
    richieboy09  a years ago

    he should have said moooooooove over so i can help you out, as he took a bite of his burger :(

  • Edward Ruppert
    Edward Ruppert  a years ago

    Thank you Dave.