Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 21, 2018
  • Don't spend $600 on the Celeron Google Pixel Slate. Just don't do it.
    But here's a link anyway:
    iPad Pro Review:

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    Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds



  • Tristen Patrick Allison

    Google????? What the Fuck

  • Reynaldo Q.
    Reynaldo Q.  10 hours ago

    Buy a windows surface. Way better amd cheaper.

  • Joydeep Sengupta
    Joydeep Sengupta  13 hours ago

    This review just killed the product i feel

  • Sven Matern
    Sven Matern  16 hours ago

    Has this changed by latest software updates???

  • The Mup
    The Mup  yesterday

    Yeah i dont understand why someone would choose this over a Surface.....

  • KAI
    KAI  yesterday

    And I thought my 5 year old lenevo tablet was slow...

  • Fadi Najjar
    Fadi Najjar  yesterday

    I like your honest review. That's why we are watching your videos Marques!!!!! thumps up!!!!! keep it like that! your are awesome!

  • Ali Arif
    Ali Arif  yesterday

    Would you review and compare the Tab S6 to the iPad Pro?

  • Lea
    Lea  7 days ago

    i just want a TABLET so i would get it XD

  • Rithik Kumar
    Rithik Kumar  7 days ago

    But why x86?...

  • Amirdex_ TDG
    Amirdex_ TDG  7 days ago +1


  • mojo rojo
    mojo rojo  7 days ago +2

    Opening duckduckgo app on Google tablet . We saw what you did there.

  • HellFire
    HellFire  14 days ago

    Does anyone know if this got any better

  • SkittleManiaYT
    SkittleManiaYT  14 days ago


  • mrunaldhar bathula
    mrunaldhar bathula  14 days ago

    @mkbhd can we add this google keyboard accessory to iPad Pro

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos  14 days ago +3

    The only device I have used that has similar lag is my 9 year old galaxy s stratosphere.

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar  14 days ago +2

    You've got used to the promotion display for your day to day purposes and ultimately you find this lag.
    Your anger will be over 9000.

  • Mintace
    Mintace  14 days ago

    It’s not the pixel slate it’s the pixels late

  • Abhishek Bhudolia
    Abhishek Bhudolia  14 days ago

    YouTube said watch it again after 8 months. I asked why. The answer: 7:40 in 2x

  • imicca
    imicca  21 days ago +2

    It has been literally cancelled now