Tough Guy on Piano Is Asked To Play Mary Poppins

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 31, 2018
  • Tough Guy gets asked to play Mary Poppins on a street piano - a redux Mary Poppins mash-up ensues (with Floss/Fortnite dance),

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  • James Skitt
    James Skitt  4 hours ago

    He's off his chops... Lo!!

  • Emily Grant
    Emily Grant  10 hours ago +1

    I thought it said Bad Guy asked to Play Mary Poppins
    I was like BilLie?

  • Walter Langkowski
    Walter Langkowski  22 hours ago

    Tough guy.... if his shirts got any tighter you would be able to see his nipple piercings

  • mana pouri
    mana pouri  22 hours ago

    Welle done dude

  • Brandon Ramirez

    Todo iba bien hasta que la niña empezó a bailar 🙄

  • Alfonso Bernabe

    God bless you hopefully you can learn humility

  • Alfonso Bernabe

    Your so cocky it’s disgusting

  • Zac C
    Zac C  yesterday +1

    I love how every video no matter how serious the boogie woogie comes out sometime

  • Fraggle Fkn Rock
    Fraggle Fkn Rock  2 days ago

    Tough guy? Looks like a fag druggy lol.

  • J 215
    J 215  2 days ago

    4:24 you're the worst person

  • Fitheach1
    Fitheach1  2 days ago +1

    Was he on crack or cocaine that time, or is he going tae be such an arsehole a' the time?
    Aye, we got it, ye can play the piano, but that time, 'twas nae YOUR stage.
    Let the others do their art, too.
    Ye're nae the only one, wha's guid in what ye're doin.
    Sorry, bro'.

  • Nedzon Macadaan
    Nedzon Macadaan  2 days ago

    This guy looks like james McAvoy

  • Mic Lubijar
    Mic Lubijar  4 days ago

    Houdini of Piano.

  • derplerify
    derplerify  5 days ago

    A good video ruined by one little girl doing the floss

    VVOUX  5 days ago

    Do you know B0oGiE Wo0gIe?

  • david griffin
    david griffin  5 days ago

    Hilarious 🤣

  • 张张
    张张  5 days ago


  • Rikki Neco
    Rikki Neco  5 days ago +2

    Yes my friend you played it very well but you shouldn't degrade that young man at the beginning

  • mario henrique
    mario henrique  6 days ago

    seria legal se aparecesse a localizacao do piano

  • Xeno Gaming
    Xeno Gaming  6 days ago

    Why did the girl have to floss. :/ it’s at the middle of the video