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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 21, 2018
  • This has always been a goal of ours that we thought was impossible to reach! After a bunch of hard work and dedication we finally managed to have our own shop to do rebuilds. Thanks for all the love and support! We couldn't do it without you guys. Thanks for watching! Peace!DOOR PRO GARAGE DOORS!- T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Hundo
    Hundo  10 months ago +295

    First time i heard Thomas talk 😂

  • David McGarry
    David McGarry  10 months ago +116

    You need jack studs under those rim joists that are just welded to the walls without support. You don't want all that weight being supported by welds only.

  • Rikster
    Rikster  10 months ago +48

    I think Concrete in driveway will serve you guys good for one keep shop cleaner and secondly the cars as well

  • Dennis Balliram
    Dennis Balliram  10 months ago +29

    I will say a fire extinguisher for sure🔥

  • Big League
    Big League  10 months ago +27

    Good work guys, I dont know how much weight you are planning on putting on the loft space, but I would reccomend adding cripples under your ledger beam to help carry the load instead of letting the welds carry the weight. Digging the content.

  • Chad 085
    Chad 085  10 months ago +39

    drop some vertical beams down from the trusses to support the loft, so you don't need those wood posts underneath?

  • RoNiCs
    RoNiCs  10 months ago +82

    Maybe put large letters above the garage doors that say goonzquad

  • alex puente
    alex puente  10 months ago +60

    Put concrete drive way plz it bothers me all that dirt and rocks🙄

  • David Hutchison
    David Hutchison  10 months ago +30

    That sub floor needs to be supported every 16" instead of 48", unless you are only going to put empty box's up there.

  • JohnStax
    JohnStax  10 months ago +200

    I can see a Dodge Viper, Cadillac CTS V and a Lamborghini Huracan in the future.

  • Lonnie Davis
    Lonnie Davis  10 months ago +25

    Put the stairs on the outside with a door up there

  • HarmanPlays
    HarmanPlays  10 months ago +9

    I can see a Nissan GT-R in the garage in the future

  • Black Macgyver
    Black Macgyver  7 months ago +1

    This shop is lookin great guys . What size is it ?
    Looks to be about 24x30 x14 ?

  • tbirdracefan
    tbirdracefan  10 months ago +21

    You really need all the floor space you can get. Get some more of that box steel and run one about 12" above the piece that runs from over the front door to the back wall. Connect the long pieces forming a strut to carry the full span load. That would get rid of the wood posts freeing up valuable floor space as well as a ledge of sorts to prevent something from sliding off the loft.
    Stairs are great and I have them in my shop but it takes up a lot of space. A good quality ladder will work fine for getting up there to catch something or hand it down. Leave the really heavy stuff on the ground.

  • ILikeFood 1
    ILikeFood 1  10 months ago +54

    Here's a shop idea: Hang up the lazer cut hellcat logo that was given to you as a gift for that purpose.

  • Deksam Torrac
    Deksam Torrac  10 months ago +4

    And use a HD attic pull down stairs for a door too, that gets out of the way for the down stairs.

  • qtam 505
    qtam 505  10 months ago +10

    When you finish Camaro zl1 I hope you get a Dodge Viper 🐍

  • Born 100 Years Late
    Born 100 Years Late  10 months ago +1

    Throw in a drop down ladder, Fire escape style! I have stairs in our shop, takes up too much dang space!

  • Gator Prepper
    Gator Prepper  5 months ago +1

    what size and brand of garage company did you use, I love the translucent rear upper wall.

  • 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara
    1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara  10 months ago +116

    The perfect thing to add to the shop is drywall on the inside for looks, warmth, and sound insulation