Cars vs Slide Color and Stair Color with Portal Trap - Flatbed Trailer Transport Rescue Bus - BeamNG

  • Published on:  Monday, August 22, 2022
  • Cars vs Slide Colors and Stair Colors with Portal Trap News - Flatbed Trailer Transport Rescue Cars -
    About the game:
    The video is created with content based on the game Beamng Drive created by beamng trains channel. The whole video about the confrontation of cars vs portal trap and slide color and stair color is fascinating. After moving through the portal trap, the car is flatbed trailer transport rescue bus. The collision simulation of cars vs cars is extremely interesting for the viewers and brings the most fascinating moments. In the video there are also cars vs deep water, moreover, the confrontation of big & small monster truck rescue cars.
    The video depicts a huge hole in the road and the cars passing by without paying attention fell into the hole, causing a strong collision. is a realistic & immersive driving game offering limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time resulting in realistic & dynamic behavior.

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