How will LeBron, Lakers get a second star in Los Angeles? | Woj & Lowe

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018
  • Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe break down whether LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers will use free agency or a trade to acquire a second star to help LeBron’s quest for another NBA title.

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  • louis ayala
    louis ayala  8 months ago

    Woj is a Celtics fan.

  • thenewacedblflt
    thenewacedblflt  a years ago

    Serves the Lakers right for trying to turn a number 2 pick into a "spot-up shooter."

  • JesusChrist IsSatan

    Well the Lakers were able to trade Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol. Maybe they can trade Michael Beasley for Anthony Davis.

  • Ifeanyi Akunna
    Ifeanyi Akunna  a years ago

    LeBron's career was gas lighted by the media. He never asks to be talked about this much; they just decided to make him the protagonist of the league.

  • William Bradford
    William Bradford  a years ago

    These guys dont watch the lakers every game. If they did they would see that Fluke Waltons rotations are terrible and his schemes on both ends are basic at best.If it wasnt for Lebron greatness and saving him some games.It would be alot worse and Magic sees this.

  • Eazy_100s
    Eazy_100s  a years ago

    Fun fact: every time Lebrun trades he starts off the season booty

  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick Lee  a years ago

    Uh dude, Denver is number one in the West right now, how is LA number two?

  • borninhk1
    borninhk1  a years ago

    Fiery coach - look at an example: Tom Thibodeau! Did his teams get anywhere? Not really!

  • Nay tan Santos
    Nay tan Santos  a years ago

    We dont give a fck in LA....if Lebron dont win in LA...HE WILL GET BLAME!!! Fck that shit😏

  • Dave Garcia
    Dave Garcia  a years ago

    How is Kevin love and kyrie receiving all the blame when they lost in the finals when all the haters always look at LEBRON'S finals record as a fault.? What other player in the HISTORY OF THE GAME single handedly takes a team to the finals 8 YEARS STRAIGHT

  • Jesse A
    Jesse A  a years ago

    All the guys he named that won a championship (and pay attention guys) except got Kyrie who is not going to LA... HAVE BEATEN LEBRON JAMES!!!

  • Brendan Downey
    Brendan Downey  a years ago

    bro did Zach just say KD is coming to NY?

  • RockstoneAW
    RockstoneAW  a years ago +1

    Anthony Davis not going to Lakers to be Lebron sidekick, he's coming to BOSTON yes i said it he's coming to BOSTON we just have to wait it out just like how Gordon Hayward came to BOSTON....

  • Frank Brown
    Frank Brown  a years ago

    how ignorant is this. Lakers have 3 or 4 stars presently. do these geniuses watch the games?

  • Yuzi Drexel
    Yuzi Drexel  a years ago

    Lakers waiting till LBJ IS IN YEAR 20 !? To get 1 other piece

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz  a years ago

    “When u win Lebron gets credit.. we u lose, YOU get the blame” ... blah blah blah STFU. Let’s stop acting like Bron doesn’t get bashed for being 3-6 n getting swept 2x in the finals. Bron gets plenty of the blame. Kyrie never got blamed . It’s always the 3rd star that gets the blame (Bosh/Love) stop the bullshit

  • Donovan Todd
    Donovan Todd  a years ago

    I just wonder if Michael Jordan would've left the Bulls to play with Isiah Thomas and got his first two rings, then returned to after they drafted Pippen to win 6 more, then left again to sign with the Lakers and conspired with his agent/best friend to aquire Shaq from the Magic, would we ever be having this continuous Queen LeBronda James 🐐 propaganda🤔?

    JUAN AVILA  a years ago

    Our defense is way below average without Zo and Javale.

  • Roderique Hayes
    Roderique Hayes  a years ago

    LeBron will wear number 6 again

  • englewood price
    englewood price  a years ago

    Ball, Ingram, Hart for AD make it happen. don't wait. if they want kuzma instead of Ball do it.