Handbook - "Sheets" 🎧 [instrumental hip hop / beats]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  • UK beat-maker Handbook dropped a new EP via the mates at Hip Dozer & we're stoked to premiere one of the beats.

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    📷 Artwork blend using photos of

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  • Stereofox
    Stereofox  11 months ago

    The new Handbook EP Let It Wash Away is out - http://smarturl.it/HandbookEP

    Find more music on our Apple & Spotify Chill Beats playlists 🎧

    Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2IQjcwj
    Apple Music: https://apple.co/2Qg3EEN

  • Cotina Spann
    Cotina Spann  11 months ago

    This is interesting. The beats have a space type vibe to them. Great to just let your mind wander to. Thanks for the upload😊