Buying Salvage Cars for Rebuild: Unibody Structure & Frame Damage Explained

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  • Here I discuss front and rear end collision damage. Any questions or comments please let me know below!


  • c182SkylaneRG
    c182SkylaneRG  2 days ago

    Welp. Based on this video (Which WAS hugely informative), pretty sure my car's totalled, even though the alignment's still okay (drives straight when you take your hands off the wheel). My wife got rear-ended by a taxi at a stoplight the other day. Crunched in the trunk, pushed the bumper cover up next to the rear wheel (but not touching), so I was hoping it might have missed the frame. Then I was told it's unibody..... So much for that. Makes me want to mount something on the back that's completely separate from the car, can absorb the impact, but ensures any and all damage is suffered by the perpetrator of a rear-end collision, and not by the victim... The taxi was using a Jeep, and there didn't appear to be nearly as much damage to his Jeep as there was to our Corolla. Worst part is the Corolla was an '07 with nearly zero rust (unusual for New England), and I was hoping it would last for the next 15-20 years. Bought it used just a couple years ago. And I can guarantee the insurance will only pay for a replacement up to their perceived value of the car, and not for an actual new car, so we come off worse out of the deal for having been rear-ended.

  • Slaughter Evil
    Slaughter Evil  5 days ago

    Hey is it possible for you to reply to me on Instagram ? @turbosicko

  • kevin quicker
    kevin quicker  1 months ago

    NEED SOME HELP ! I bought a 06 lexus is250 with rear frame rail and trunk tub damage , I dont have money for a professional to fix it , can I straighten the frame , so the trunk will close and crash support one back up ? Any help

  • M Allen
    M Allen  2 months ago

    almost most all shops wont work on salvage cars

  • Tom Hogan
    Tom Hogan  2 months ago

    Thank you. This really helped me understand what the complexity will be to repair my bent SUV Unibody frame and what the options are to repair it. I am trying to understand whether to cut out / weld in the 1 foot bent section or pay to have it "straightened". Chevy Trailblazer. If anybody has advice I would love to hear it. It is 2005 model. Nothing about the functionality of the car was damaged. It still drives. I know alignment will never be perfect I just need to drive 5 miles to home depot.

  • Warhammer40kfans
    Warhammer40kfans  2 months ago

    Do you have a website we can go to?

  • shawn r
    shawn r  3 months ago

    hi when frame rails(engines supports) are bent at a 90 degree angle(starting roughly at the 2:45min mark) they are unusable not "basically unusable" *ONLY* pull to replace.....ok hold up l just watched more of your vdo. your engine supports were at a 40 degree angle and able to be can technically repair anything but that doesn't mean you should. 40 degrees will give your support a lot of work hardening and therefore destroy the integrity of the supports structure.......ahahaha but if you can live with knowing there's a little bend in your frame....then it's not a big deal........unless of course you get in a second accident and die then it might not be worth it lol
    You can repair damage with a big machine that has a claw on it......fuck me you shouldn't sound so technical lol

    JBIRD FISHING  4 months ago

    Great video, relevant information even in 2019!

  • Mikel Ayala
    Mikel Ayala  4 months ago

    Is there anyway we can ask questions and get a answer from a pro like you. I like what you do and have a couple questions. I may rebuild a car for myself and I’m learning A lot here. Understanding frame damage is confusing to me and knowing if it’s fixable

  • NiteRythemzRadio1
    NiteRythemzRadio1  4 months ago

    watching with a slow signal, is there a special link for after market front clips, etc that u can share? Anybody, thnks.

  • fuhsaz
    fuhsaz  4 months ago

    if a car has frame damage could you still get a rebuilt title for it without repairing that if it runs anddrive normal ? or no?

  • Muhammed Mansoor
    Muhammed Mansoor  5 months ago +1

    will apron damage affect the chassis?

  • Umar Gmail
    Umar Gmail  5 months ago

    Very technical info. Thanks Sam

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck  5 months ago

    now tell everyone what happens when you repair a car and its not up to code according to nhtsa--------for example = the real reason not to buy a salvage car repaired by shop=person who is not certified/licensed/bonded/insured=known to be a real frame technician who is responsible for their repairs after the car is sold ==== and

  • Stewart Smith
    Stewart Smith  5 months ago

    I would never buy or sell a salvage rebuild they are just not as safe

  • Ed Jackson
    Ed Jackson  6 months ago

    These cars might have their front structures roughly pulled back into position, but their crash protection for passengers is compromised. The structural components need to be completely removed and replaced back to their mounting points. Is it a pain in the ass? Yes, but human life is on the line here

  • Brayden Norris
    Brayden Norris  7 months ago

    Do you have this in a slide show?? If so would you send it to me?

  • Miro555
    Miro555  7 months ago

    After being hit from behind center when gaps around the tailgate door, rear lights and a spoiler have increased in 1-2 millimeters, is it possible that unibody is bent? It's a hatchback Subaru XV/Impreza.


    Great great information,much appreciated...

  • الودغيري مصطفى

    This video helps too much thanks a lot