What Happened to this Channel!?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • Why I Stopped uploading videos on this Channel!?


  • Chief Wiggum
    Chief Wiggum  a years ago +843

    Whatever you choose to do, ill always enjoy it

  • Eliот K
    Eliот K  a years ago +618

    Taras is the most genuine guy on YouTube

  • Dani Francis
    Dani Francis  a years ago +824

    Cannot wait for the animal videos!!!!

  • Moppelkun
    Moppelkun  a years ago +412

    Yeah more animal videos please, they're always awesome , i love them.

  • Seth White
    Seth White  a years ago +245

    Booo, YouTube is way too strict on content

  • oooppiikkk
    oooppiikkk  a years ago +554

    From guns to zoos

  • Ise The Pies
    Ise The Pies  a years ago +313

    We understand everything. Keep doing what you love and we’ll watch it.

  • Digital Wolf
    Digital Wolf  a years ago +107

    Nice. I would love to see those videos!! :) Who doesn't right?

  • Anita J in FLA
    Anita J in FLA  a years ago +92

    You post what you feel is right 😊
    You're a genuine guy...sweet personality and great videos you post.
    Stay blessed, Taras...

  • ledlebrgr
    ledlebrgr  a years ago +44

    No worries. I'll stay with you always. Even if all your channels fell, each would have at least one subscriber left: Me. Who else agrees with me?

  • The crazy German guy
    The crazy German guy  a years ago +50

    Let’s support Tara’s because he tries hard

  • Damaygo
    Damaygo  a years ago +122

    The 21 dislikes are youtube admins

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob  a years ago +134

    Thanks for explaining. Was really nice of you.

  • Chuck Keough
    Chuck Keough  a years ago +72

    Get goats! 🐐🐐🐐

    INDIAN VINES  a years ago +280

    You are great

  • Tyler Latham
    Tyler Latham  a years ago +56

    Ah yes youtube killing freedom of speech and expression.

  • gabrielgalaxygh
    gabrielgalaxygh  a years ago +68

    I still follow your other channels so no worries

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf  a years ago +13

    Those animal videos are gonna be great! We will always support you and enjoy all your wonderful content.

  • Kubbson
    Kubbson  a years ago +17

    No Problem! I will still be enjoying what you do Taras!

  • The Custom Everything Channel

    I'll watch man bring them on