Relaxing Rain and Thunder Sounds, Fall Asleep Faster, Beat Insomnia, Sleep Music, Relaxation Sounds

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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  • Ayesha Siddika
    Ayesha Siddika  2 months ago +1956

    To the person reading this may your life be filled with joy forever ❤

  • taetae kookie
    taetae kookie  4 days ago +75

    Rose's are red
    Violets are blue
    I'm going to bed
    And so should you
    Sweet dreams~☆°▪♡

  • Krystal MacDonald
    Krystal MacDonald  3 months ago +1601

    Stop reading the comments and go to bed good night

  • Nicola Newton
    Nicola Newton  6 months ago +2142

    I love listening to this while I'm reading, silence is too loud!

  • Rita Rose
    Rita Rose  7 days ago +118

    To the person reading this❤️.....

  • The King
    The King  5 months ago +1487

    This helped me stop having an anxiety attack 😌😌

  • jamie huntinghawk
    jamie huntinghawk  5 months ago +1023

    Roses r red , violets r blue, I'm going bed how bout u 😗

  • Joey
    Joey  4 months ago +818

    I was having a panic attack and my chest started to hurt. I randomly picked a rainy relaxation video and it happened to be yours. This helped so much.

  • KylaWyla
    KylaWyla  5 months ago +460

    Hate the fact that I can’t turn off my phone while listening to this. 😭😭(so my phone won’t die)

  • Emaan B
    Emaan B  9 months ago +978

    This is so rela-

  • Itsme._. america
    Itsme._. america  9 months ago +601

    I slept wit YouTube on 😴

  • Vulter 44
    Vulter 44  7 months ago +401

    Why does that place look so nice, I would want to wake up to that any day😍😍😍

  • Ava Borth
    Ava Borth  7 months ago +823

    Good night from my room
    Now go to sleep and stop looking at the comments

  • SirCraigius
    SirCraigius  5 months ago +245

    Rain seems to be the only white noise that works for me. I dunno why but with other sounds I tend to focus on the noise too much and can't sleep. I guess rain seems more natural as a background noise and its easier not to focus on it.

  • Naimah Smith
    Naimah Smith  4 months ago +86

    My boyfriend started listening to this and I was pregnant at that time.. Now that I've had my son. He loves to listen to this every night. Puts everybody straight to sleep.

  • Anita Samarripa
    Anita Samarripa  5 months ago +269

    🌧🌧🌧 I 🌧🌧🌧🌧
    💧💧💧 LOVE 💧💧💧
    💧💧💧💧A 💧💧💧💧
    💧💧 🌧 RAINY 💧💧💧 🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬
    💧💧NIGHT 💧💧💧 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧
    I love RAINY days

  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham  4 months ago +154

    Out of all the rain videos for some reason this one helps me sleep every night. I have crippling panic and anxiety this helps me find peace. Thankyou so much

  • Foxy TheCookie
    Foxy TheCookie  2 months ago +76

    I literally listen to this every night when I go to sleep 💤 😴

  • june22007
    june22007  1 months ago +43

    Thank you just what I was looking for! (Thanks for 3 likes!)

  • Krislynn Proffitt
    Krislynn Proffitt  5 months ago +98

    i listen too this every night too go too sleep thanks XD