How I Cleared My Acne/Skin: Full Skincare Routine

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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    I'm so glad to be FINALLY making this video!!!! I've been taking photos for the last six months of how my skin has progressed in hopes that someday I'd be able to title a video about how I cleared my skin. It's felt like the longest journey in the world to finally repair the damage that birth control did to my skin, BUT WE BACK BABY!!!!!! hope this video was helpful and gave you some insight into my routine and what worked for me! if you haven't watched my skin story video from a few months back, there's more info here:
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    My Korean Skincare Clinic:
    -I got the Agnes Acne Laser Treatment (12 treatments total)


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    I am just sharing what worked for me and so many other people! Here is my link! You can use this to help get rid of your acne problem:

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