The Very Best Of Smooth Jazz Saxophone

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 23, 2017
  • (DISCLAIMER) I do not own the rights to these songs, nor do I use them for my own personal gain.


  • marasakapa
    marasakapa  6 months ago +8

    Checkout the 2nd part here:

  • LisaSimpson80
    LisaSimpson80  a years ago +129

    1. Together Again Dave Coz 0:03
    2. Pleasure Seeker Paul Taylor 4:15
    3. Tell All Your Secrets Warren Hill 8:17
    4. Love is On The Way Dave Coz 14:00
    5. When I Think Of You Steve Cole 18:22
    6. Powerhouse Boney James 22:05
    7. Nightfall Kim Waters 25:45
    8. Chillaxin Euge Groove 30:56
    9. The Way To You Nelson Rangell 36:37
    10. Do You Feel What I’m Feeling Warren Hill 41:12
    11. Sweet Grapes Marion Meadows 46:00
    12. Chill Factor Richard Elliot 49:39
    13. On The Move Paul Taylor 54:23
    14. Soul Traveler Marion Meadows 58:25
    15. Exotica Paul Taylor 1:02:18
    16. All I See Is You Dave Coz 1:06:50
    17. In The Groove Richard Elliot 1:10:18
    18. Drumline Boney James 1:14:10
    19. Player’s Club Marion Meadows 1:18:03
    20. Winelight Gerald Albright 1:22:25

  • Frank Avenilla
    Frank Avenilla  a years ago +113

    Who needs the radio and all of its silly commercials, when you have "marasakap" and his great collection smooth jazz! THANKS!!!

  • Youziyah Haya
    Youziyah Haya  4 months ago +1

    The Best.
    Namasté; loving, sharing, caring, and giving.
    Youniversal Souls of LoYe - Youziyah the Third, Iamme.

  • Emma Kido
    Emma Kido  a years ago +3

    this is simple majestic... thank you for the collection

  • Chuma Mbaeyi
    Chuma Mbaeyi  a years ago +1

    Amazing stuff! Thanks so much for sharing this playlist. I love it!

  • Nessa Blue
    Nessa Blue  a years ago +39

    Someone is stealing your mix? If it wasn’t for a comment I saw on the other page I would of never known. Love this! 😍 you deserve more views ♥️

    RETTAVISION  a years ago +29


  • catfishcraz
    catfishcraz  a years ago +11

    This is awesome! Love how set it up with the right kinds of Positive uplifting tunes.

  • 베르베르나
    베르베르나  a years ago +23

    This is just amazing

  • Anna Esfandiary
    Anna Esfandiary  a years ago +9

    Thank you for taking the time to share such an amazing selection.

    RAYMOND GORDON  a years ago +11

    I mirror your taste in the Sax Category: And I must say - " Now That's Smooth" :) !!

  • Kevin Haney
    Kevin Haney  a years ago +1

    This music is made for the highway with your lady on your side with the top down love it!

  • craig malcolm
    craig malcolm  1 months ago


  • saxo blue
    saxo blue  a years ago +1

    Nice to play the saxophone tocool

  • V.P. Content Acquisition

    What is the name of the tune at 9:45-53

  • Pamela Wimbley
    Pamela Wimbley  a years ago +3

    Just discovered you today. Love it! While I have all of these CDs at home, I am at work and the music is perfect to get me through mounds of paperwork. Thanks. Great job!

  • Erwin Seni
    Erwin Seni  7 months ago

    Nice Selection, thanks dude.👍😉

  • J T
    J T  a years ago +6

    OK, I guess I said "thanks" in the wrong channel since it appears other's are swiping this mix. Someone over on one of those other channels pointed me here, so thanks for putting this together. I am really enjoying it!

  • Wyndhl
    Wyndhl  a years ago +3

    A wonderful collage of Funk, RnB, Fusion, Soul and Cool grooves...
    Let's sail on with the jam; won't we?
    How sweet is it to be in love!