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  • Published on:  Monday, December 4, 2017
  • Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the live stream for the second episode: Steak.

    Watch the Steak Basics with Babish episode here:

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  • rumbul tumbul  (Dec 4, 2017))

    the trick to not crying when chopping shallots is to not form an emotional attachment

  • Absınthe -  (Sep 15, 2018))

    I'd eat my shallots ass if I could

  • Keystrokes  (Dec 26, 2017))

    rumbul tumbul comedy gold

  • Brian Tanner  (Dec 4, 2017))

    New idea: "Bender with Babish." A show about mixing drinks from Film/Shows.

  • Twutle  (Oct 27, 2018))

    bar tender babbish

  • Hurry Calls  (Jan 10, 2018))

    That's Cocktail Chemistry. He's a friend of Babish's.

  • Ryan Primrose  (Dec 4, 2017))

    Could you make an episode dedicated to making Lobster Thermidor from The Lego Batman Movie?

  • Hugh Jafro  (Dec 4, 2017))

    Remember when YT capped videos at 10 minutes. I used to hate that.

  • MLB Cason  (Jun 3, 2018))


  • Remember pewdiepie is still happy.

  • pocketed cheese  (Dec 5, 2017))

    "DADDY!... I have recently learned what that means. Stop it!" I laughed so hard. Omfg

  • Katsuna Wells  (Aug 24, 2018))

    Felix the Duke 1:00 🕐

  • ast r  (Dec 9, 2017))

    JECZ Google daddy kink...

  • Debbie Ebbiebobebbie  (Dec 10, 2017))

    BoneApple Teeth

  • Alex Chang  (Dec 4, 2017))

    You should get a hand towel... Also new drinking game guys. Take a shot every time Binging with Daddish uses a paper towel. Probably dead by 5 minutes lol. Entertaining stream, not sure why people are complaining. I've got more than 3 hours to kill a day though so it works for me.

  • Omar  (Dec 4, 2017))

    Can u make a video putting shaving cream on your head and let someone slap your head in slow motion...It’s for science I need it for a research

  • Victoria Phillips  (Dec 9, 2017))


  • Rylai Crestfall  (Dec 5, 2017))

    Asking the real questions here

  • Justin Y.  (Dec 4, 2017))

    I keep missing these streams...

  • Chunnnins  (Jan 3, 2018))

    I have seen you before

  • Justin Y. i see you everywhere......

  • DynnoJMelloe  (Dec 6, 2017))

    Your commentary while cooking is like the Bob Ross of food