Galaxy Note 9 Hands-On: Look At This Absolute Unit

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • “We are confident that this is the best device on the market.” That’s the kind of braggadocious boast so common to phone releases that I usually don’t even bother to write it down. But when it’s Samsung saying it, I take ... note. This is your first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the latest iteration of the product family that made the "phablet" a mainstream trend. Join me for the MrMobile Galaxy Note 9 hands-on!



    MrMobile's Galaxy Note 9 Hands-On was produced following one hour with several Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review units at a media event hosted by Samsung in New York City. All units were preproduction devices running pre-release software. All conclusions preliminary pending the full Galaxy Note 9 review, coming soon!


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  • Jacky Chaniago
    Jacky Chaniago  2 months ago +1

    I just bought note9 512GB metalic$ 720. amazing phone...

  • Shatadal Mandal
    Shatadal Mandal  7 months ago +1

    best Samsung videos on Mr.moblile

  • Sam
    Sam  8 months ago

    Apple: 1,500 Iphone XS max with 512GB
    Basically sucks

    People: Damn That’s so cheap AF

    Samsung: Note 9 1,250$ Has 4000mAh battery
    1 terabyte ready S pen 6’4 inch display Fingerprint sensor Lit phone

    People Damn tha’s Soooo expensive i can’t even think about buying a note 9

  • rene decastro
    rene decastro  8 months ago

    Just 5 more days your mine.

  • Boyi Bolomi
    Boyi Bolomi  8 months ago +1

    Well done presentation. No time wasted.

  • Rajiv Singh
    Rajiv Singh  9 months ago +1

    love the review
    keep it up

  • Faizan Nedariya
    Faizan Nedariya  10 months ago

    What kind of finger ring you wearing

  • dark side
    dark side  10 months ago

    Samsung ❤❤❤❤

  • ultrabook samsung
    ultrabook samsung  a years ago

    king of smartphone

  • lXlXl
    lXlXl  a years ago

    Is Anybody that doesn’t play fortnite buying this? Please message me

  • Chris S
    Chris S  a years ago

    No smartphone is Worth that much money.

  • XaK
    XaK  a years ago

    I can't believe anyone would choose a skin in game over good headphones

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores  a years ago

    Debating whether to buy a 1000 dollar phone or 1000 dollar smart TV 😂😂😂

  • Piyaviraj
    Piyaviraj  a years ago

    Hey dude, Huawei already placed 4000 battery, LG got AI based scene capture, sony got ip68, Iphone got brilliant display, someone else got another sPen, but tell me one phone from this planet which can do everything in one plz other than note 9. :-D :-D

  • Den Way
    Den Way  a years ago

    What do you think of using the s pen like an mouse on a pc hmm

  • StammaMusic
    StammaMusic  a years ago

    more like overrated smartphone

  • francis jan suizo
    francis jan suizo  a years ago

    Watching this on my Note9 and your audio is superb!!!!

  • Jeff Dinis Rosa
    Jeff Dinis Rosa  a years ago

    Be thankful guys! 1240 is the price we pay for a Moto G4 Plus in my country

  • Ali Saylıca
    Ali Saylıca  a years ago

    The guy at the back of the 3:37 , That man is truely savage😂😂😂