Roasted Peppers - You Suck at Cooking (episode 13)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 6, 2015
  • Subscribe for more veggie conflict:►► how onions just get along:►► Robbins once wrote: "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." This video provides zero insight as to whether or not that is true.


  • JMaxAG
    JMaxAG  4 years ago +1992

    All 27k of us are gonna feel like hipsters when u blow up

  • Sit Stand Walk
    Sit Stand Walk  2 years ago +2045

    what witchcraft is this? how does this guy make me feel sympathy for a pepper?

  • Laelia Maynor
    Laelia Maynor  a years ago +253

    *pepper*: "something yellow"
    Me*: *stares at lemon in backround

  • Drew Zaio
    Drew Zaio  3 years ago +641

    Did he say oven? What the heck is an oven? OOOOOHHH He meant to say onion.

  • DinoDoesStuff
    DinoDoesStuff  3 years ago +283

    This isn't the first time talking fruit has been on YouTube but it's definitely the best time

  • samy said
    samy said  2 years ago +344

    I got so attached to those characters, it felt like watching a Pixar movie

  • H
    H  2 years ago +315

    I was going to do an essay due for tomorrow, then I decided:
    "hey, lets watch a bit of ysac, it won't take to long!"
    It has been three hours

  • Victor Sandoval
    Victor Sandoval  4 years ago +287

    "Did I say banana already? "

  • JuicyMullet
    JuicyMullet  4 years ago +548

    How has this channel not exploded into popularity yet?

  • crispyspa
    crispyspa  4 years ago +348

    Whatever you do, don't start slapping yourself in the thigh with different food products...Y'all know who I'm taking about.

  • Chris VA
    Chris VA  3 years ago +138

    What is this "oven" you speak of?

  • justatnight
    justatnight  3 years ago +444

    this is better than sausage party

  • Gamer Pug
    Gamer Pug  2 years ago +90

    1:26 Soory. Are you Canadian.

  • Swaim Miller
    Swaim Miller  3 years ago +24

    I'm no longer even in the weird side of YouTube. Just the dark side.

  • Kairam
    Kairam  3 years ago +67

    😂😂😂omfg my friend told me about this account today and I haven't stopped watching XD

  • Immajeanyus
    Immajeanyus  4 years ago +39

    I cried.

  • Derp Yang
    Derp Yang  2 years ago +39


  • Nick Y. Pai
    Nick Y. Pai  3 years ago +20

    Hey, do you make the background music too? That was pretty sad and beautiful!

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea  4 years ago +18

    very informative. The talking bell peppers made me emotional

  • said orhan
    said orhan  4 years ago +6

    So that's the answer for the joke: "What did the yellow pepper say to the red pepper?"