Eminent historian Wang Gungwu on Hong Kong-China relations

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 7, 2019
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    As an overseas Chinese, Wang Gungwu has dedicated his life’s work on helping the western world better understand China and Asia. In an interview with This Week in Asia on June 1, 2019, Wang shared his life memories and his views on Hong Kong’s future

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  • Antonio Fu
    Antonio Fu  a months ago

    what is hk-china relations? Would you say Caymen-UK relations?

  • Li Le
    Li Le  a months ago +1

    "(HK's financial service) is it as important as it used to be?" it is important even for Xi's families and cronies to buy properties and launder money. Past decade before each RMB deval theres sudden mysterious very high spike in gem trade between HK and China. Its the inside officials fleeing their RMB into dollars

  • Hendry Sedjahtera
    Hendry Sedjahtera  a months ago

    The Dumbest are not the Hongkong students, but the teachers who have taught them.. encourage them to protest & lead them to riots! Idealist teachers & brainwash students!! Hopefully these protesters rioters, teachers as well as students will regret what they have done to Hongkong. It’s like you stay in your own home. Your parents invested bought the house for his family. However, just because the kids didn’t like their parents manage the house, they start rebelling, destroy their own house. The kids didn’t realize that once repaired & renovation is made, they have a great house may be the normal house. They forget their parents money has been used up the damaged house, left a little inheritance for their kids. Because of their trouble childhood, they might not have gd education as well as job too.. Sadly the kids will not understand until their parents passed away. Just like the people of Hongkong will not realize until there is no more Hongkong... worse still they might not even understand on that day too.. Cockroaches always bring trouble to the society!

  • Titus P
    Titus P  a months ago +1

    Now here is a man who is scholarly...compare him with Martin lee....lee is simply a rat without a soul. This man not an engineer but built hku to become academic powerhouse it is today. Although he does have biases but his scholarly curiosity helped him and those around him to grow.

    One critical point should be made clear....actually quite a few. First is that the ccp or Chinese gov is different from the general public. Second, one should never assume people do not want democracy or intrinsic rights. Communism for all the problems still ultimately desires the same democratic rights as a western democracy. All systems can be corrupted ...communism by corrupt leadership and democracy by crony capitalism. To presume China had the outset not wanting a more democratic hk is not entirely correct, the Chinese gov was fearful of the corruption the British colonials had implanted deep rooted hatred and mistrust. The ccp in the meanwhile did no favors for its reputation with corruption and lack of educated leadership. In the early days HK appeared to many mainlanders as an advanced society...and a shining hope for model of future Chinese democracy. But due to planted colonial mentality and biases again ccp/China ...as China developed for the past 4 decades...HK pushed itself into political/economic corner. In other words ...things are complicated and need to be dealt with care and understanding...the nuisance and context is essential.

    On the question of one country ...two systems...one should not be so jaded to see China wants to remove it because the economic contribution of hk is declining....the truth is hk as service or financial center still enhances china’s overall growth. One must realize the allowance of two systems is based on the trust that hk and mainland are one people ...one country. Politics and economics come after the philosophical understanding....not just lip service. It is hk’s ignorance and fear that drives the hardliners, once the rioters destroys national symbols and call mainland by ethnic slurs....then the division deepens. That is no to say the ccp don’t need to improve but both sides need more education and better understanding before the 50 year mark. The infighting among the Chinese is heart breaking for anyone who knows the hardship suffered by the country and its people for the past century.

    If we can all take a step back and realize what it is we truly know and appreciate each other ...then mutual trust and respect can be rebuilt. More violence will only begetting more violence.

  • Dennis Y
    Dennis Y  a months ago +1

    Thank you for remembering Ipoh 👍

  • Velix Trico
    Velix Trico  a months ago

    Whatever, like or not, hk is belong to china. End.

  • 香港Peace
    香港Peace  a months ago

    So true

  • MuyGrande Heart
    MuyGrande Heart  a months ago

    This old guy is quite cunning, he dosent make his own stance.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein  a months ago

    He’s so cute.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy  a months ago

    Hope to see Jimmy Lai arrested for sedition.

  • Lodemé Carp
    Lodemé Carp  a months ago +2

    Freedom is the best achievement for the Hongkongers. No one wants to be in a cage. #FreeHongkong #SupportHongkong!!🇭🇰

  • John Wick
    John Wick  a months ago

    What a wise man.

    RAYMOND LINCOLN  a months ago +1

    I see wisdom in his eyes. Respect

  • symun buuntw
    symun buuntw  a months ago

    Donates all yor money to blind&deaf n un willing people's whn you die.

  • Bigjoe99
    Bigjoe99  a months ago

    China has never consider anything else but one system but the real current problem is China has really never thought about how it was going to achieve that and if it did think about it, it was badly done. China should have let the HKD peg go long ago and not allow the property bubble to build, instead allow slow steady decline of HK with the rise of China..

  • Yi Chen
    Yi Chen  a months ago

    To mainlander one country is a party nation, to hongkongner one country is a cultural notion. As a party nation any ideology that opposes their own ideas should be eliminated whereas a cultural China can tolerate differences in ideology. This is a flawed idea from the very beginning because terms were never properly defined.

  • Mack Wong
    Mack Wong  a months ago

    Well, he wouldn't have to go here and there if he's born the right skin colour in my home country, Malaysia...

  • Malo Noiville
    Malo Noiville  a months ago

    Sir, I could listen to you endlessly. I would go back to Uni to have you as my teacher.

  • gallaxian
    gallaxian  a months ago

    "But on the question of democracy they [China] was not very clear about that. I think they mislead the Hong Kong people, and made Hong Kong people have too high expectations." [10:17]
    Ya think?
    This fellow seems to think that Hongkongers were naive to trust Beijing with their freedom and takes it as inevitable that what remains of it will be lost. Depressing stuff.

  • TK Baha
    TK Baha  a months ago

    you don't make deal with the chinaszi, a terrorist organization, demon, evil nation.