Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Music Video]



  • Thät Gäl Meliä
    Thät Gäl Meliä  27 minutes ago

    Ima act like ty didn’t come for my zodiac sign

  • Lyric B. Lyricly Speaking

    You gone get my hopes high girl, you gone get my hopes high girl... Just gone tell me more lies girl. Just gone get my hopes high girl.. 😍😍😍

  • Stephanie Hodge
    Stephanie Hodge  53 minutes ago

    I’ve been blasting this since it came out

  • Tiffany Chambers
    Tiffany Chambers  an hour ago


  • ChrissyOnAir
    ChrissyOnAir  an hour ago

    I'm obsessed with this song! I did a cover on my channel if you want to check it out!

  • TJ Moore
    TJ Moore  an hour ago

    Who is the farther of her baby?

  • saranje100
    saranje100  2 hours ago

    I'm getting some Ex Machina vibes from this. Love the song btw Kehlani is amazing as always!! :D

  • #Girly Squad
    #Girly Squad  3 hours ago

    Damn a fire 🔥 song about a girl again 😂
    ( Doesn't really matter) #LBGTQ

  • Kwamena Bentsi-Enchill

    Excelllexcelent song

  • Liyaah Williams
    Liyaah Williams  3 hours ago


  • ashantae harvey
    ashantae harvey  3 hours ago

    This should be a real movie

  • Trap Inside HD
    Trap Inside HD  3 hours ago


  • Crystal Ricks
    Crystal Ricks  4 hours ago

    Woahhhhhhhh the visuals are crazy this could be a movie

  • azariah seymour
    azariah seymour  4 hours ago +1

    Yessss Laniiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  • Wisdom Seeker123
    Wisdom Seeker123  4 hours ago

    Songs like this make me glad I’m living in 2019 Periodt🗣

  • Zhaire Smith
    Zhaire Smith  4 hours ago

    Should have let that android die it killed her and Ty 😭

  • estee simpson
    estee simpson  5 hours ago

    On some nights like this shorty I can’t help but think of us..

  • Rafaela braga
    Rafaela braga  5 hours ago

    ok but do you see me crying i don't know what the fuck is going on?? but its so beautiful and the song slaps

  • Nylah Hickson
    Nylah Hickson  5 hours ago

    there's only one Nylah here

  • Cailtyn Blackman
    Cailtyn Blackman  5 hours ago

    Ive always been a huge fan of Kehlani. Wished people would recognize and appreciate her talent more, cause she's seriously amazing.