Food King Singapore: Geylang Serai Bazaar 2019 ft. Munah!

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 10, 2019
  • As per tradition, we are back at the Geylang Serai Bazaar to bring to you the best eats to queue for in its 2019th edition!

    Special thanks to Munah for being our guest host!

    1. Sofnade
    WGS A G333 / WGS B 130

    2. Burp Live Station Catering
    WGS A B259

    3. Praffles by Fooditude & Hirzi
    WGS A G342

    4. Lobster Bro
    WGS A G306

    5. Charkoi
    WGS A G294

    6. Word
    WGS B122

    7. Beef Bro
    WGS A G306

    8. Alley
    WGS A G360

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    Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia



  • Gilang Arifin  (May 10, 2019))

    Munah explained the objective of Fasting very easy to understand yet nicely accurate!

  • Happy Tang  (May 10, 2019))

    Munah did so well!! Hope to see her appear on Food King more often

  • derek lee  (May 10, 2019))

    wah you look diff from your video sia

  • T JS  (May 10, 2019))

    This shows How much I wan munah to host future food king eps 😍👇🏻

  • Lil • Llama  (May 10, 2019))

    Munah should b in dis show more often

  • John Tan  (May 10, 2019))

    No offence to other youtubers that covered this ... but after watching This episode i actually wanna go all the way from Jurong to Geylang

  • blizzaroxxx  (May 14, 2019))

    Not worth

  • Vrinda Praveen  (May 11, 2019))

    ya sia omg

  • Pranjali Berde  (May 10, 2019))

    You guys put in so much effort to keep your viewers updated.thank u for your efforts.your editing skills are on point and thanks for inviting munahhhhh!!!!!

  • sy431193  (May 10, 2019))

    Lobster rolls are only fully stuffed if you're a youtuber... others will only get a quarter of the lobster that u see in the vid. I got the 12 dollar roll and barely had any lobster at all!!

  • jungkmch  (May 10, 2019))

    can munah be the 4th host for food king already??

  • Tommy Yaori  (May 10, 2019))

    Munah should be in this show more often, she's so energetic, her excitement is natural and make this episode more more lively..

  • Lynette Low  (May 10, 2019))

    Anyone else saw Hirzi queen posing at the start?? At 0:43

  • Jax T  (May 16, 2019))

    omg HAHAHA

  • ImAlyyyyy  (May 14, 2019))