Rebuilding a Wrecked 2018 Audi R8 Part 1

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 21, 2019
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  • Yves Pelchat  3 months ago

    Goonzquad had the same problem with the Huracan. Blown battery fuse.

  • When I cut the roof off the car the car wont start is this because of the fuse

  • But um I got a car here

  • D Ragle  3 months ago

    Bet the main fuse is blown. Watch the Goonzquad videos on the Huracan, as they are mostly the same car

  • Shiv Persaud  2 months ago

    Yep its the same pyro fuse thats blown there

  • Eric Binney  2 months ago

    Yes goonzquad lambo build they ll get you up and running

  • ***КР ОТ***  3 months ago

    поздравляю с выигрышем !!! очень крутая тачка !!! но ремонт дорогой получится . ждём новых серий ! удачи чувак)))

  • Mike Mcintosh  3 months ago

    I liked to see the auction part. Also - well done being at a place in life where you can drop $80,000+ to purchase projects. Impressive!

  • Pop Laurentiu  2 months ago

    Alex should talk (get in touch) with Samcrac he got an R8 as well from Co-Part that was frame damage..

  • David Kutsar  3 months ago

    Audi is mine. Oh my gosh. Holy shi- 😳😂😂 Alex bro almost done did screwed yourself lol

  • ライトニング  3 months ago

    Not yours buddy but kay lol

  • Alex Rebuilds  3 months ago


  • AUTO REHAB  3 months ago

    Sickest build yet. I say that every time but this is def the best one yet. Can’t wait to see it done !!! And next time take the spare tires with you inside the hotel lol

  • Redbug 3  2 months ago

    Best One Yet. Its a song by Black Flag, google it!

  • stellahead  3 months ago

    base audi r8 2018 is $165,000 you got yourself a bargain, good luck with the build

  • D C  2 months ago

    @TheHitman™ all new 2017- 2019 R8s are V10 now, so it's a base R8 from the new Models

  • Ali0The0King  3 months ago

    He doesnt rebuild cars for profit he might sell this car at a lose but youtube pays the lose and also adds profit ....

  • Speedy  3 months ago

    MMI - MultiMedia Interface 👍 Congratulations!! Awesome car!

  • Chris R  3 months ago

    How many other people were screaming Multi media Interface at thei screens? lol

  • Car Lover  3 months ago

    You got best car to rebuild man, good luck !