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  • Published on:  Friday, June 15, 2018
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  • rosie are roses  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Who's ready for Queen Rose solo debut? 1like-1 voteWho is ready for Queen Lisa solo debut? 1 like-1voteWho is ready for for Queen Jisoo solo debut? 1like-1vote

  • Sherly Amanda  (59 minutes ago))


  • Miriam Assou  (1 hour ago))

    +Henry VIPs Cool not the following

  • twicecis  (21 hours ago))

    i'm crying because this is the most beautiful song i have ever listened to

  • DareOfDraco  (4 minutes ago))

    Beatiful? It has a Nice message bit if we talk about beatiful there are lots songs deeper And better than this, for example it's okay from Landa of talk (no hate, i like this song too)

  • Supreeya Malayapan  (31 minutes ago))

    Goddamn im gonna cry lol

  • Junseo YeoChin  (1 day ago))

    Still str3aming till the end of my life!!

  • Abo Banger  (43 minutes ago))

    +warmwaves Watch the complete MV (normal spead, don't skip ads), quality atleast 480, mske a break (watch 3 other MV's), repeat the circle

  • Psyche Io  (57 minutes ago))

    I feel you

  • Lalisa Manoban  (22 hours ago))

    *We are monster streaming so dont stop streaming until we be the first group to reach 1B views*

  • Abo Banger  (37 minutes ago))

    Fighting famLet's be the 1st k-pop group to reach 1B and go even furtherDDDD is about to became 3rd most viewed k-pop MV and we can also surpass PSY Gentelmen before 2019 ends if we+general public keep this up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Gangnamstyle will remain it's position as No. for a while I guess....

  • Fighting!!

  • Ignacio Do Carmo  (1 day ago))

    ~Most Views K-Pop Groups~1. DDU-DU-DDU-DU *(672M)*2. DNA *(646M)*3. As If It's Your Last *(523M)*4. Boombayah *(506M)*5. Fire *(505M)**¡Blackpink is the Revolution!* ❤️💪

  • Drcarolina potshangbam  (8 hours ago))

    Ignacio Do Carmo d4 674 now and boombayah 507m yayyy

  • Celina  (Feb 1, 2019))

    just got vip tickets for the girls’ concert in berlin i’m crying

  • warmwaves  (1 hour ago))


  • Bbbbnhfkhhk G  (2 hours ago))

    Blonks say that blackpink are "only" views. For their next album We should really try and get blackpink on top most selling kpop albums to show the blonks that Blackpink are not only monster streamers

  • teddy nur  (1 day ago))

    Four Girls Representing K-pop to the world, You must be talking about "BLACKPINK"

  • JuNg sHoOK  (4 hours ago))

    and what about 7 boys? they were the 1 ones *group*

  • Matthew Lee  (1 day ago))

    The way girl groups are now going in the direction of BLACKPINK like wow they really are the REVOLUTION

  • Kyran Kaul  (6 hours ago))


  • Beulping Hoe  (1 day ago))

    ⚠️ Blinks! There is a lot of different groups coming back this March so therefore we need to give it our all for Blackpink this time around cause the competition will be tougher than last year!Buy the albumStream the album on iTunes Stream the MV

  • admply_bp _  (1 hour ago))

    Mary Kozakura though he doesn’t buy it atleast he has a lot of money bitch, how about you? still begging your parents to give you money? awwee💗

  • liss youtube  (5 hours ago))

    +Mary Kozakura YUP YG RICHH . HAHAHAHAHA

  • Arghya Halder  (1 day ago))

    Totally obsessed! I'm probably the one who's watched this over 10m times!!!! Can't wait for it to cross 1 bn 💕💕💕💕💕 best KPoP song ever!! I'll be checking this somg over 100 times per day

  • Matthew Lee  (1 day ago))

    +Arghya Halder ye but we have to go step by step.. setting goals like 700M encourages blinks more then after 700M we aim for 800M

  • Arghya Halder  (1 day ago))

    +Matthew Lee 700 m?? Seriously? You meant 1 bn right? Hail to these 4 living goddesses 💕💕💕