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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 7, 2019
  • Can you believe that it’s already time to go #BackToSchool?? It’s almost time for us to head back to Baylor, so we thought we would show you guys where we will be living this year in our NEW house! 😍 Who do you think will get the master bedroom??

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    ✔️Stay tuned for our ROOM TOURS that will be coming soon! You won’t want to miss seeing our new bedrooms completely decorated!

    We thought it would be fun to give you guys an #EmptyHouseTour before we actually get the entire house decorated! We feel very blessed to be able to own this beautiful house, and we owe our parents a HUGE thank you for all of their help along the way! ❤️

    I think the craziest part about this new home is that Bailey and I will actually be in separate bedrooms for the FIRST TIME! Since we are #twins, we have always been fine sharing a bedroom, but we feel like it’s time for just a little bit more independence (even though we will constantly be in each other’s room most likely)! 😂

    This house is one of our first, big investments! (#adulting 😂) Once we graduate college, we will continue to rent this house out to other kids who need a place to live in college. For us, building this house was just a really smart decision that we will continue to benefit from, even when we no longer live in it!

    I don’t think we have ever been so excited for something in our whole lives! We absolutely cannot wait to live with 2 of our best friends that we met in our first year of college. We’re going to have so much fun, and I can’t wait to make so many amazing memories in our new home!

    Comment down below who you think will get each bedroom!

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    💋's - Bailey


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  • Brooklyn and Bailey
    Brooklyn and Bailey  3 months ago +3526

    Who do you think will get the master bedroom in our NEW house?? Comment below! 💋's - Bailey

  • EClabby
    EClabby  19 hours ago

    Bailey has the 4tg room and Brooklyn has the 1st

  • Angela Gilchrist
    Angela Gilchrist  7 days ago

    I only know what 3 and 4 are 3 is Bailey and 4 is Brooklyn

  • roni brave
    roni brave  7 days ago

    the shade toward maddie, lol jk.

  • Kim Smith
    Kim Smith  7 days ago

    i think yall should do gray and teal colors

  • Gabby Gabrielson
    Gabby Gabrielson  7 days ago

    Meanwhile college for me is living with my mom and struggling 😂 the house looks great though!!

  • Lily Krainbill
    Lily Krainbill  7 days ago

    I don’t do the laundry

  • Kelsey Blalock
    Kelsey Blalock  14 days ago

    Sharing a bedroom so everyone can “hang out in”...never

  • Kayla G
    Kayla G  14 days ago

    You should DEFIANTLY put wallpaper on the stairs.
    It would look so cute! 😊🌸

  • S.A .T
    S.A .T  14 days ago

    You are getting rich by making us fool and wasting our time

  • Leah Short
    Leah Short  14 days ago

    Please do room reveals for your roommates

  • Courtney Jade
    Courtney Jade  21 days ago

    How are they graduating a year early?

  • Random user
    Random user  21 days ago

    Can people just leave them alone , they work hard to earn their money

  • Margaret Garrett
    Margaret Garrett  21 days ago

    You need to do one with all the furniture in it a full house tour

  • Sophie Jones
    Sophie Jones  28 days ago

    Can you do a house tour

  • Taehyung Flossing is lifeu

    Them talking abt theyre college house while I’m over here nervous laughing that they’re house is bigger than my future😂😂 btw congrats you guys you deserved this I remember when you guys just started YouTube and I remember watching your mother doing Anna’s coronation on Kamri you guys grew up so fast and it makes me proud seeing you guys accomplish great things

  • Shyann Schulz
    Shyann Schulz  28 days ago

    Luv u guys!!! Ur so freakin' pretty!!!

  • Maribel Velasco
    Maribel Velasco  28 days ago

    In celebration of your new house, you should start a month long roommate prank wars!!!!😁😁 winner gets... Idk what do you guys think? Leave a comment! Anyhow how love you both😘💝

  • DRISHYA Nair
    DRISHYA Nair  1 months ago

    I think Brooklyn will get the master bedroom..

  • Chewy dog lover ocampo

    I love Brooklyn and baliy