SHE'S GONNA BE SO MAD (Should I Do It?!?)

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 17, 2018
  • LET ME SHAVE MY EYEBROWS PLEASE! It’s my lifelong dream! 😭

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  • lizzie aguilar  (Aug 17, 2018))

    "my gf is a can of fanta and I'm thirsty " 😂😂 ahh I cringed so harrddd 😂♥️

  • kayley chan  (Aug 17, 2018))

    The way he said THIRSTY was so gross lmao

  • Noir Cream  (Aug 17, 2018))

    Elizabeth Aguilar why just why

  • Angelika Cooper  (Aug 17, 2018))

    “My girlfriend is a large can of Fanta and I’m thirsty” oh my gosh😭😂

  • Veronica Montez  (Aug 24, 2018))

    Alex was pg..and now his pg-13! D:

  • Peter Parker  (Aug 21, 2018))

    Angelika Cooper that was catchy😂

  • Jaziyah Daniels  (Aug 17, 2018))

    "Ohh my Girlfriend is LARGE can of Fanta and I'm thirsty" 😂😂😂😂

  • Itzel Velasquez  (Aug 17, 2018))

    Lauren cuddling with moose was the cutest

  • Gwen smiling  (Aug 17, 2018))

    When Lauren said ass I laughed so hard and tbh Alex shouldn't cut or take out cuss words or dirty jokes from his blogs ever because it makes it more real, relateable and hella funny! ( please don't come at me in the comments I was just saying this because I thought it was very shocking how he actually left that in the blog and myself I do have mixed feelings about it)

  • The Audrey Show  (Oct 28, 2018))

    It's called a VLOG not BLOG

  • lauryn diaz  (Aug 24, 2018))

    But his channel is family friendly, which means no cussing, dirty jokes, etc. You have to remember they have a young audience. I guess this vlog was a little different. 😂

  • The FLASH!!!!  (Aug 17, 2018))

    “Ooo my girlfriend is a large can of Fanta, and I’m thirsty!” O M G 😂

  • Jiana smith  (Aug 18, 2018))

    Can y’all chill about Lauren saying a cuss word? I understand that Alex has a younger audience, but Lauren is 25 and is a adult. Also Alex did tell her what she said was inappropriate by saying “WOAH!! Language!!!”

  • Xoxo C  (Aug 19, 2018))

    Jiana smith Exactly!!! Most kids won’t even notice that Lauren cursed cause they don’t even know what curse words are yet

  • Hope Xiong  (Aug 17, 2018))

    NO NOT YOUR EYEBROWS...yes shave Papito BUT NOT YOUR CATERPILLARS,Your coat to keep your face warm,or your twin baby Papito......but it's your face man,do whatever 😂

  • Wixxyr  (Aug 18, 2018))

    ok Lauren is human I bet everyone who commented has cussed before

  • Kazaliou Diallo  (Aug 19, 2018))

    Wixxyr not me but I really I didn't care she said it It was just funny xD

  • Xoxo C  (Aug 19, 2018))

    Wixxyr EXACTLY!!

  • Alexa  (Aug 17, 2018))

    so u didnt wanna shave papito but u wanna save ur brows? i am confusion

  • Olivia Little  (Aug 17, 2018))