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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 3, 2018
  • Nearly three years, countless hours of begging, and two million views later, we finally released a band video. You're welcome.

    P.S. Still didn't have any percussionists available to be in the video. Don't murder us.


  • GamingdudeXD 748494

    3:58 welcome to the wonderful life of the tuba player

  • Toby S
    Toby S  2 days ago

    She has bant you guys

  • -* peridot *-
    -* peridot *-  5 days ago +2

    Can’t relate.

    This post was made by the orchestra gang.

  • SarahDaWolf YT
    SarahDaWolf YT  7 days ago +2


  • Music man
    Music man  14 days ago

    At 4:38 your in high school bruh

  • total swag
    total swag  14 days ago

    I relate to the concert shit

  • aultrasadperson
    aultrasadperson  14 days ago

    In JH band and now I'm terrified to join in highschool. (• ▽ •;)

  • Kirbyfire73
    Kirbyfire73  14 days ago

    I'm not happy that the percussion section wasn't mentioned in this. At least show them taking a nap or something.

  • Daniel Ackermans
    Daniel Ackermans  14 days ago

    As a former band kids at PRHS, I appreciate that this was filmed at CHHS! 💚💙

  • Mitchell Owens
    Mitchell Owens  14 days ago

    Low, middle, and top bands? Our school has symphony band, and wind ensemble, and im in wind ensemble, and its fun! We are playing micheal jackson, this cruel moon and suite in eb!

  • The Official God of Clipping

    You forgot the bass players that blare into their instrument to drown out the person trying to talk to them 😂

  • Legogodzilla
    Legogodzilla  11 months ago

    It's the original cast 3 years later

  • Arashi-no-Buringa •

    As a clarinet I’m glad I don’t have a spit valve even if that means it lands on my feet or legs.

  • yoongi_chim_chim
    yoongi_chim_chim  11 months ago

    On the show-off part i was literally just looking at the girl in the back cause she has some talent with her fingers

  • David Southwick
    David Southwick  11 months ago

    i am in band and none of that accures in my high school.

  • e111briscoe
    e111briscoe  11 months ago

    4:29 look at the reflection on the tuba xD

  • Breea G
    Breea G  11 months ago

    3:25 is the most relatable part

  • dERp bOi pLaYS
    dERp bOi pLaYS  11 months ago

    Junior HS Band be like

  • Ike Eichenberg
    Ike Eichenberg  11 months ago

    Was that Hounds of Spring at the beginning?

  • Thicc Steve
    Thicc Steve  11 months ago

    1:17 lightly puts trumpet down then starts raging