Gave Him CUTEST SURPRISE EVER! (ft Joey Graceffa)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • Youtuber #2 has received their early Christmas present!! Thanks Joey for accepting my amazingly cute gift! 🤣GET YOUR WASSABI MERCH NOW!http://www.AlexWassabi.comWassabi's MUST WATCH videos!: every Wassabi CHALLENGE video!: Wassabi episode EVERY DAY!JOIN THE JOURNEY!Twitter: Channel: @RealAlexWassabiDon't forget to remember!If you're not smiling,YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!! :)mKay bYe!Intro music by


  • Joey Graceffa
    Joey Graceffa  8 months ago +4856

    REVENGE IS COMING! Just you wait...

  • Sydney Bajsa
    Sydney Bajsa  7 months ago +388

    Damn Joey's vocal range is amazing. Ariana grande is quaking

  • Royalkiller122 1
    Royalkiller122 1  7 months ago +111

    "Does he have two buttholes" -Joey Graceffa I LOVE THIS VIDEO😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shibah •w•
    Shibah •w•  8 months ago +128

    10:00 since when was there a horse?

  • Miah Grayer
    Miah Grayer  8 months ago +114

    9:20 me when my crush glances at me

  • MeliKeli xox
    MeliKeli xox  8 months ago +856

    Joey touches the snake and then invents a new fornite dance😂😂

  • Sub To Me Or Ill Eat Your Fridge Okurr?

    okay class time for homework
    Me: 2:42

  • Emelia Gonzales
    Emelia Gonzales  7 months ago +80

    12:07 well that escalated quickly....

  • Mia Lieghio Doyle
    Mia Lieghio Doyle  8 months ago +55

    Alex: Are you a snake?
    Joey: No I'm a human
    Alex: Debatable
    Me: Omfg😂

  • Jäzzy Dreäms
    Jäzzy Dreäms  7 months ago +30

    10:48 his screams Had me dying of laughter lol!!😊😂♥️

  • Goury Vijayakumar
    Goury Vijayakumar  8 months ago +32

    From 10:00 to rest I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • Itzcookie
    Itzcookie  7 months ago +51

    10:00 my first time touching slime

  • Royalkiller122 1
    Royalkiller122 1  7 months ago +43

    9:56 U are the best dancer i have ever seen joey 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Lit Chef
    Lit Chef  7 months ago +83

    Yoo.... 10:07 WTH happened to Joey's legs.😂

  • Zayapplez
    Zayapplez  8 months ago +315

    Joey when the big snake came out is me during exams😂

    ALPACAS FOR LIFE RAINBOWS  8 months ago +73

    The whole video is Joey screaming XD

  • Stephanie Bachan
    Stephanie Bachan  8 months ago +21

    No offense Alex, but if you surprised me like that I am taking a bus to Antarctica and calling Joey to form a revenge plan.
    BTW Alex love your vids 💕

  • Hser Thaw
    Hser Thaw  7 months ago +17

    :Meeting the snake:
    Joey: Eww
    Alex: soooo cuteeeeee

  • Kelsy Vargas
    Kelsy Vargas  8 months ago +92

    I ACTUALLY HELD ONE OF THESE IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!!! I loved it they are actually sweet like it was cute when it looked at me.♥️🥰♥️ It was the big yellow one in the thumbnail just smaller

  • Cam Mic
    Cam Mic  8 months ago +326

    Joey’s reaction is so funny 😂 this made my day