Tragic Details That Have Come Out About Pierce Brosnan

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 7, 2019
  • Pierce Brosnan can boast a legendary acting career, complete with a role-of-a-lifetime run as James Bond in four films. But away from his epic onscreen adventures, successive tragedies have plagued him throughout his life.Shortly after Brosnan was born in a small Irish town, his father abandoned the family, and his mother relocated to London for better work opportunities. As a result, he was left to live with relatives, and at one point, in a boarding house with strangers. Brosnan later met his father, whom he refers to as Tom, only once, when he was 31, but he didn't end up learning very much about him. It was 1984 and Brosnan was already a star on the hit show Remington Steele. He told Esquire in 2017,"He was a good whistler and he had a good walk. That's as much as I know about him."After Brosnan's mother finished nursing school, she sent for him to come join her in London to find work. But it was still far from perfect after that. Their South London neighborhood allegedly wasn't very hospitable to an Irish country boy like Brosnan. He revealed to CBS Sunday Morning that he felt the prejudice from his neighbors and even hid his accent to assimilate.Watch the video for more about these Tragic Details That Have Come Out About Pierce Brosnan.#PierceBrosnan #JamesBond #007Rough and tumble childhood | 0:13Losing his first wife to cancer | 1:02Losing his daughter to cancer | 2:01Losing his longtime producing partner | 2:39Son's near-fatal car crash | 3:18Kicked to the curb | 4:03


  • Nicki Swift  2 months ago

    Pierce Brosnan has had a brilliant career so far and displayed an incredible amount of resiliency despite these heartbreaking setbacks. We wish him our very best!

  • Edna Blomgren  2 months ago

    Nicki S. wift 9i

  • Anna Hart  2 months ago

    Omg poor thing I had no idea he lost so many close to him. No one deserves that :(

  • Bob Blueford  1 months ago

    So......did he have it in his contract, that the D-man can take his loved ones away in order to f with him? Because in such movies like "The Devil's Advocate", Mr. D says that he can't kill anyone himself...just give them the means to do it themselves.

  • Cory Griffiths  1 months ago

    I had watched a movie with him earlier on Netflix called Survivor it was really good he was a bad guy in the movie.

  • Stan Barnes  2 months ago

    Brosnan could arguably be one of the greatest Bonds the only one I like better is Connery.

  • S. S.  2 months ago

    Even though he’s been hit with so much shit he doesn’t let it bring him down and he doesn’t bring anyone else down during his tough times. Truly a guy to look up to

  • Harry Inkpot  1 months ago

    That is public face he actor when go through your front door end of day when feel wretched.

  • Gulf Relay  2 months ago

    and not gay

  • hitdannyboy  2 months ago

    he's one of my most favorite movie stars of all times. not only is he a great actor but a great human being. and great human beings are very hard to come by!

  • Deen Akeredolu-Ale  2 months ago

    Out of all of his Bond's movies GOLDENEYE is still my favorite.

  • Tanya Lebron  2 months ago

    I named my son Pierce after my favorite actor - this one

  • PrincessofPower84  2 months ago

    The fact that he went through all of this and is still a decent, gentlemanly person is a testament to his strength. He is quite a man and I wish him and his family nothing but the best.

  • Gigi From God  2 months ago

    Pierce Brosnan is Real Human Being, gorgeous inside out...he is one of few ...🙏

  • Conor 6988821  2 months ago

    Peers Bronson is best BOND of all time!!!!!

  • Bob Blueford  18 days ago

    @Aviansh Chanana 👍

  • Aviansh Chanana  23 days ago

    I see alotta kids vouching for Craig. Thr probably don’t even know what James Bond is supposed to be.