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  • Published on:  Friday, April 5, 2019
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    0:00 Book & Music
    2:31 Waltz For Children
    5:22 Voyage
    22:12 Once I Kissed
    25:03 Prince Of Silence
    27:13 Yesterday
    29:34 Paper Dolls
    32:20 Friends & Lovers
    49:10 Take Three
    51:05 Sugar Morning
    53:31 Sweet Honey
    56:30 Wind Waltz
    59:32 A Night In Roma
    1:16:22 Virgo
    1:18:38 Cathy's Dream
    1:21:08 Wife And Lover
    1:23:56 Whisper
    1:26:03 My Funny Lovers
    1:28:22 You Are So Beautiful
    1:31:04 Memories Of Yesterday
    1:47:54 Waltz Hot
    1:50:26 Verdure
    1:52:58 Pretty Group
    1:56:04 Close Your Eyes

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    Our Music for relaxation, for work, for study etc.
    All music in this video & in this channel is original music by me.

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  • Love2TravelAway
    Love2TravelAway  3 months ago

    Cleaning around the house this music is my best friend

  • andrea n.souza
    andrea n.souza  4 months ago +1

    Good feeling

  • Roberta Christeen
    Roberta Christeen  4 months ago

    awsome music thanks

  • Daaneve Wm
    Daaneve Wm  5 months ago

    This is do nice! Really helps to relieve stress and wind down in the evening after a long day.

  • Tatiana Rabello
    Tatiana Rabello  5 months ago

    3:29:53 music??????

  • Rafli Bitcoin
    Rafli Bitcoin  5 months ago +1

    this music chill out my mind easy to concentrate when im study, Thanks BGM Channel

  • nutami
    nutami  6 months ago +1

    I just found this channel. Great music., I am enjoying it now, accompanies me working in the office :-). Thank you, BGM :-)

  • Fatima Jafarova
    Fatima Jafarova  6 months ago

    Such a great relaxing music 🎼 Thank you for sharing ✨

  • Daniel Oliveras
    Daniel Oliveras  6 months ago

    Cup of coffee, great for desk work.

  • Antino Art
    Antino Art  6 months ago

    Highest degree of AWESOMENESS !!!!!!!!!

  • 吳逸亭
    吳逸亭  6 months ago

    I’m very enjoy about the music,it’s very nice(❁´ω`❁)

  • tabibsendi
    tabibsendi  6 months ago

    Truly relaxing music compilation. Great! Thanks BGM channel

  • 二本柳浩
    二本柳浩  6 months ago

    キャンプ場でもBGMとして、午後のコヒータイムで最高にくつろげますよ。Nice Music

  • ابو عمر الحربي

    لاتنسى استعمال الذي في درجك السري سلام يا زق

  • 김서윤
    김서윤  6 months ago


  • 松本羚英
    松本羚英  6 months ago


  • Kazuko Kikkawa
    Kazuko Kikkawa  6 months ago +2

    It makes me feel relaxing!

  • bivan pasamota sala
    bivan pasamota sala  6 months ago +1


  • Bronson lkm
    Bronson lkm  7 months ago +4

    Thanks, very delightful n peaceful to listen this, best elegant instrumental music. Sounds of silence, very refreshing and relaxing the mind n heart. So good, best for reading soothing music. Infinite love!🙏🎶

    OANH DANG  7 months ago +4

    So love it .Thanks for sharing with us . Have a great day .