16 NEW Simulation Games 2019 - Build & Management Games

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
  • These are 16 Simulation Building & Management Games 2019.

    Games List:

    00:05 Crossroads Inn
    01:07 Car Manufacture
    01:50 Railroad Corporation
    03:00 Transport Services
    03:58 Good Company
    05:25 Common Hood
    06:56 Office Management 101
    07:49 Space Haven
    09:07 Initiative
    10:46 Mars Horizon
    11:13 Sky Haven
    12:35 Mr Prepper
    13:07 Woodzone
    14:00 Prehistoric Kingdom
    16:00 Satisfactory
    17:44 Volcanoids
    19:20 Emergency Tycoon


  • Abhijeet Singh
    Abhijeet Singh  14 days ago

    found few games like Rimworld .... - 1.Factoria
    2 .Battle Royale Tycoon
    3. Mindustry
    4.Queen's Wish: The Conqueror
    5. Prison Architech
    6. Judgment - Apocalypse Survival Simulation
    7. Shortest trip to earth
    8. first feudal
    9. Keplerth
    10. CitiesSkyline
    11. Planet Coaster
    12. Space heaven
    13. Rise to Ruins
    14. Oxygen Not Include
    15. Parkitech
    16. StarShip Corporation
    17. King Under The Mountain
    18. Dwarf Fortress
    19. civitatem
    Have Fun ;)

  • Mobil Disko
    Mobil Disko  14 days ago

    satisfactory after 80h base down 5 fps my laptop :S

  • Rebel threefiftyseven

    Title should be called Building & Management Games 2020 most of these are not going to be release until at least 2020

  • bRUh
    bRUh  a months ago +1

    Cities: Skylines

  • thefriendly aspie
    thefriendly aspie  2 months ago

    games sucks

  • 85Silvana85
    85Silvana85  3 months ago +1

    Car Manufacture still "Coming Soon" & Early Access on Steam...
    So is Good Company, ánd Office Management... I didnt even bother the rest of them, I think they are all like this..

  • vorpal king
    vorpal king  3 months ago

    I love railroad!

  • 《Araújo_Br》
    《Araújo_Br》  3 months ago

    Show... Like... Like...

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt  4 months ago +1

    Most of these games are pure cancer. They look twenty years old ffs. Why even feature shitty games like this?

  • Shadowhenge
    Shadowhenge  4 months ago

    None of these feels intriguing to me. Maybe 2020 will be better.

  • Ivailo Stoychev
    Ivailo Stoychev  4 months ago +7

    11:15 one way or the other, we have all heard this song somewhere before

  • Peter Enola
    Peter Enola  4 months ago +1

    Why does nobody ever make a FULL COUNTRY SIMULATOR? Not just city but simulating an entire country, from early stages to modern society. And not the playful kind of Civilization style, but a country with rules, politics, budget, transport decisions, diplomacy etc.?

  • Live ATC
    Live ATC  5 months ago

    I just love these ppl who get straight to the content instead of some random CoD gameplay intro and some give away bullshit, keep it up man!!

  • Samuelson
    Samuelson  5 months ago

    Prehistoric kingdoms looks like a very low-budget chinese ripoff of jurassic world evolution.

  • Creator's Remorse
    Creator's Remorse  5 months ago

    So SICK of those lazy low poly games.. I thought it was a good thing to advance beyond PS1 looking graphics.

  • rooster sideburbs
    rooster sideburbs  5 months ago

    does every game have to be retro now

  • starbucks2101
    starbucks2101  6 months ago

    All i see is twopoint hospital

  • Moonless Night
    Moonless Night  6 months ago

    The first 1 is the best. The music and the building is the best.

  • vipin babu
    vipin babu  6 months ago

    Bgm so nice which album

  • Luigi Cotocea
    Luigi Cotocea  6 months ago +1

    WTF only pixelated games really!!