YFN Lucci Claims He Slept With Young Thug's Girl

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019
  • Larry King files for divorce from 7th wife (00:35)
    YFN Lucci and Young Thug beef (01:35)
    Young Thug buys expensive new chain (03:35)

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    YFN Lucci Claims He Slept With Young Thug's Girl

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    BROOKLYNBEAST226  a months ago +1

    I wouldn't touch nothing young thug has slept with.

  • Dnaking R8mg
    Dnaking R8mg  a months ago +2

    Lucci my boy but he lame as hell as a grown man telling like that . In my days we do anything not to let anyone know fr .

    Is that snitching??

  • Jarrett Burgess
    Jarrett Burgess  a months ago

    Lord have mercy, do we really need Angela Yee?!? She’s hyper annoying

    OSAMA BIN LADY  a months ago

    Yung Fuk Nigga Lucci let me munch his trade for Gucci shades back in the day dat nigga gay

  • Ronald Baker
    Ronald Baker  a months ago +1

    I was in the bed a couple times with her....We ain't gone talk about that tho🤔🤔 W..T..F New School all kinda lost😂😂

  • Leelo Haskin
    Leelo Haskin  a months ago

    Well if it was cool for 2pac to do why not YFN lucci? FWIW it's not cool imo

  • Dub Dolla Tv
    Dub Dolla Tv  a months ago

    I thought he been slept wit her years ago mfs late

  • Acqua Di
    Acqua Di  a months ago +1

    I used to find Charlagmagne entertaining now he just annoys me.

  • LaRissa McCord
    LaRissa McCord  a months ago

    Damnnn.. I thought Young Thug was gay 😂

  • The Buzz Inc
    The Buzz Inc  a months ago +3

    Yfn only sold 11k first week sales. Young thug sold 126k first week. Lol

  • Kim Brown
    Kim Brown  a months ago

    Hollyweird smells like ass and STDs! Haven't they learned anything from the Charlie Sheen situation?!?

  • LeBaje James
    LeBaje James  a months ago

    yo THEY treat Drama like dirt like he ain there 'if you dont know Drama he the guy that run the boards' smh. Dude is pretty much part of the Breakfast Club as any of them

  • John Farrow
    John Farrow  a months ago

    He said We Us

  • Craig McLean
    Craig McLean  a months ago

    ANGELA YEE PREGNANT? she's glowing.

  • TheTR1358
    TheTR1358  a months ago

    I know damn well hw lying with his ugly arse!😂😂😂😂 lucci only getting p*ssy from reginae. STOOOOOPP!

  • TheTR1358
    TheTR1358  a months ago

    LIES! lol

  • Ashley Adams
    Ashley Adams  a months ago

    See the ho mad because she want both dicks and both bags, but lucci spilled the beans

  • syncere greene
    syncere greene  a months ago

    I mean if u beefing I kinda think dats a lil different but I feel u tho

  • OG Tae
    OG Tae  a months ago

    They gonna learn about sleeping behind people 😂 knowing they passing the heps and shit amongst each other

  • da real lil shotty duce

    Is That vlad in the back ?