Loudest Skyline On Earth ! Picadilly Arab Boy Racers VS Police, HUGE Flames, Anti Lag & Acceleration

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 6, 2014
  • Loudest Skyline On Earth !!!! Picadilly Arab Boy Racers VS Police, HUGE Flames, Anti Lag & Acceleration

    Picadilly Arab Boy Racers turn up to sloane street, knightsbridge in their 800bhp nissan R33 GTR fully modified and making HUGE noise, revs, anti-lag & accelerations which made my ears ring for a bit, this thing is so loud it made the floor shake when it accelerated whilst managing to set off car alarm in the process. Shortly after, police were called and pulled over the skyline due to having no licence plate on the front of the car and gave them a fine or written warning.

    This thing attracted hundreds of people around the car taking pictures and videos whist traffic stopped to take pictures too.

    There will be plenty more videos coming soon including, Meeting Shmee150 and his Morgan 3 Wheeler & Supercars including a GOLD BUGATTI, PAGANI HUAYRA, OAKLEY DESIGN DMC AVENTADOR & GOLD FERRARI !!

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  • Peter Valdes
    Peter Valdes  2 days ago

    Po Po admiring the car 👍

  • nobbytart27
    nobbytart27  2 days ago

    Trouble is all the idiot fan boys taking pictures make these morons act even dumber

  • Loud Mike Media
    Loud Mike Media  3 days ago

    i need views

  • Kris Jones
    Kris Jones  3 days ago


  • DaddyPimp
    DaddyPimp  6 days ago +1

    Black girls in the morning are louder.

  • POB108
    POB108  7 days ago

    If you are in real life and hearing those near you. Its very painful

  • G -Gameplays-
    G -Gameplays-  14 days ago

    dude if one car make that sound in arab everybody runs , not cuz the car , but theyre think is a bomb LOL

  • Bucs Game Review
    Bucs Game Review  21 days ago

    He can't control the clutch properly or he just like to tell people how loud his GTR is?

  • recon forsales
    recon forsales  28 days ago +1

    His mate shouldn't have started filming the police- that's disrespectful.

  • syaifullah ezmir abdul kahar

    This car driver not ever show a respect to police officer, i guess arabic is poorly manner

  • kiwiekatten
    kiwiekatten  28 days ago

    0:40 look, two terrorists on the sidewalk.

  • KL 62
    KL 62  1 months ago +2

    Its one of the finest japanese masterpiece!!!

  • Thomas Kar
    Thomas Kar  1 months ago

    When we have Indian who what to play arabs brooooooot pouf. Blaming that the cop being stupid, but you acutely are killing mother nature. Dont get surprise when we all see some mad fuck at rich douche with Lambo, etc.

  • fluffy1973
    fluffy1973  1 months ago

    damm street racers

  • Ignacio Iturribarría

    Why the fuck is that guy recording the policeman? Looks like he thinks he is somebody... what a delusional

  • alessandre famoso
    alessandre famoso  1 months ago

    Brexit come...Cool....

  • custom specs
    custom specs  1 months ago

    and the driver filming for prove is it. anyone on his side? like the car but not driver

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby  1 months ago

    Why everything have to with race ? If he was white people wouldnt be hating

  • StatebrigaTV
    StatebrigaTV  1 months ago +2

    0:20 Fast and the Furious Theme

  • Eddie 666
    Eddie 666  1 months ago

    Thought the were going to a gumball rally or something. i dont get it.