Kyle Kuzma SHOVES LeBron James In Lakers EMBARRASSING Loss To Clippers!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • So what happens when a team can't even gain the hearts of their fellow teammates? The Lakers seem to be completely falling apart right before our eyes and Mondays battle of la game proved just that. we have Kyle kuzma pushing Lebron ....literally...rumors and Luke Walton being fired and lebrons post game reactions all coming up!#lebronjames #kylekuzma #nba #lakersSubscribe ►► the latest in sports -Check out our site: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: buzz: Fumble is sports news for the super fan. We cover everything from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, NHL and every random sporting story in between. We tell you about the history-making plays, what your favorite athletes are up to after-hours, and take an irreverent, no BS take on sports. Watch The Fumble for the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of sports.


  • The Fumble  4 months ago

    These athletes can spit game as well as they can play it:

  • Avantay Kelso  4 months ago

    Britt fine as always

  • Imayn TV  4 months ago

    Kuzma just teaching Lebron to play some defense.

  • swish.highlights  4 months ago

    @Foxxxy &Sassy Yup, because of hustle. He averaged a lower opponent field goal % on him that guys like Paul George, Kawhi, and Westbrook. But his switches, help side, and opponents overall FG and net efficiency are too high. Lakers were a top 6 defensive team the first 45 games of the season...

  • Foxxxy &Sassy  4 months ago

    swish.highlights LeBoob doesn’t play defense.....what the hell are u on? He’s #57 th in defense.....what a joke

  • Benjamin Felton  4 months ago

    That's sad kuzma had to literally push him to play defense the goat huh

  • BoubbieVagee  4 months ago

    trinityxsavage you think he’s trying to play the warriors?

  • I'm about Africa  4 months ago

    trinityxsavage No he ain’t ! If your trashy young cores held that 4th seed while Lebron was out , there wouldn’t be No frustrations and lack of trust ! Lakers has been the Western Cavs since Kobe shut up !

  • Notorious DOOM  4 months ago

    Lakers falling apart like it's a reality TV show

  • Britt Johnson  4 months ago


  • Leroy Williams  4 months ago

    Oh yeah haaahaa lol

  • Elmyda 1537  4 months ago

    Lakers are a disaster! Bron learning first hand why its called the wild west!

  • For MaximillianMus  4 months ago

    @pewdiepie is my dad pyro is gay got them there's no coming back from that

  • @Jack Felipe yah yah keep making excusesJordan was a beast at 35

  • Bill Russell  4 months ago

    *Lebron deserved it. If gallinari made that wide open shot LeBron would've blame kuzma.*

  • Khalie Benjii  4 months ago

    Bill Russell if you gonna blame me imma give you something to blame me about

  • TopNotch Sports  4 months ago

    I guess the Jordan vs LeBron has been solved

  • Lmao LaughMyAssOut  4 months ago

    @Gianniss Antetokumpo Is the name spelled wrong in purpose 😂

  • TopNotch Sports dat shet was BEEN solved!!

  • Bruce Cooper  4 months ago

    Let’s not forget how Kuzma said that the Lakers don’t “trust” each other

  • Tammy loveIsHot  4 months ago

    You know you are really struggling when Kuzma has to push you like "defense bro, defense"

  • Elliott Yorke  4 months ago

    Tammy loveIsHot that was Kuzma man so what u talking about

  • Efrem Marcus  4 months ago

    @bd z the Lakers i think plays switch defense

  • Bill Russell  4 months ago

    *LeNodefense letting a sophomore push him to play defense.*

  • Foxxxy &Sassy  4 months ago

    NonyaBusiness! I was just thinking that! 🤣😂😅😜

  • BoubbieVagee  4 months ago

    NonyaBusiness! It’s on 2 threads calm down