Bible Prophecy Update – July 7th, 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Pastor J.D. likens the California earthquakes to the prophetic warnings of what’s coming. - Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit
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  • Light has no Shadow
    Light has no Shadow  1 months ago

    I am not sure if this is the best way to contact you but I’ll try it.
    I was looking for input on my video and the newly discovered
    Signs that I found. I claim to be no expert, I try not to date set
    But these signs kind of set the dates. At least to my level of a
    Educated guess. I have showed this to others and they recommend
    That I share it with you, that you would find it interesting at the
    Very least. I hope you or someone you know can look this over
    And let me know what you think of these signs and what they
    Might mean.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Goof Ball
    Goof Ball  2 months ago

    hey guys ! he's right ! the rapture happened and the SRA victims were the first to get raptured out worldwide ! check out this footage from news channels on 12th November !

  • UpWithGod
    UpWithGod  4 months ago

    Interesting info  "And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him" Hebrews 11:6

  • 144 144
    144 144  5 months ago

    Jesus is coming soon please people REPENT!

  • Rachel Allen
    Rachel Allen  5 months ago

    Have you checked out the New Madrid fault line? Unlike California it's subsoil is limestone and not rock. The last time it went off was in the late 19th century. It not only reversed the flow of the Mississippi, but church bells were set off because of the quake as far as DC. We live in Texas.

  • Flat earth evidence
    Flat earth evidence  5 months ago

    Thanks for this message. God is orchestrating all that is happening now. We should not be surprised at things that are unfolding. God knew all that would happen when it started and knew the devil's and man's reactions and planned accordingly. God has created souls to inhabit the Kingdom of heaven and create saints which will rule as an iron rod over the new world, the kingdom of God on earth. God uses the devil as he requires. Essentially the devil has drawn out the wicked so they can be eliminated. The devil is the spirit of this world until the kingdom of God and the millennium. He has spiritual power and with this power he has corrupted the world and hidden God and man has mostly submitted to the devil's ways. I do not believe only the saints live on. It seems to me there will be many that are not saints that will live on the earth in future. These are they that are not wicked but did not accept Jesus/God as their Lord and Saviour.
    God is kind, benevolent, long suffering and perfect in wisdom and knowledge. He is a righteous witness and just judge.
    Many may say why is there so much evil then? God has planned all this for a bright future without the devil and with as little evil as possible. This 6000 years is a temporary stage where God identifies those that are evil and takes the saints whom he can trust and who will "rule" as the iron rod of righteousness over the nations of the world. People generally have free will and if people are not good then God cannot make everything peace and harmony. God does the best with the fruit that he has.
    The problem now is people have been duped by the devil because they have ignored the big evil lies and injustice of the world and have embraced the evil entertainment of the world.

  • preachable
    preachable  6 months ago

    Russia-China 'joint air patrol' sees Japan and South Korea scramble jets

  • Bridget Reilly
    Bridget Reilly  6 months ago +1

    I would have to say I couldn’t watch the Fourth of July celebration d/t it was a celebration of Trump and showed all his greed of power.

  • John Kuhaki
    John Kuhaki  6 months ago

    Remember we must not bring unholy fire to our prayer alter when the real original fire of Pentecost is already burning. The fire from the womb of Pentecost burning for the glory to be revealed. The son from the womb of Pentecost. The CLOUD of glory reflecting its FIRE.The IAM WHO IAM.

  • fun, real, and games! haha!

    Don't ever worry about what we think...only continue to worry about what Christ thinks and continue to follow His calling for you. I deeply appreciate that about you. You obey the Holy Spirit. That speaks volumes. God bless you.

  • Andrew Buckley
    Andrew Buckley  6 months ago

    Just had one 4.0 about a hour ago same place.

  • AldoSchmedack
    AldoSchmedack  6 months ago +1

    Iran warning US all? No, you are in no position to demand a thing Iran!

    God rebuke their countries leadership! Jesus show yourself to their people and make it so mighty that they cannot deny it is you doing it. Make it ridiculously epic. Show them Lord. Show this evil world and it’s evil leaders! Smite their so called God. Oh how much we see your hand at work, yet it is hidden to the world for now. May we do your will and save the last of the church kingdom and may we never see this much evil again! For your Holy Name is at stake. Your very word Lord. Your will be done oh Lord my God. We your bride await you to be taken to your Father’s house wherein are the many mansions you have spoke of. The Jewish style wedding, our wedding, be at hand. - With Love - Your Love, The Bride

  • Rex Remedy
    Rex Remedy  6 months ago

    After the Trump Iran, North Korea, Peace Deal and Venezuela debacles (Plural for each region) i do not care about the utter foolishness and emptiness of the Trump style speeches. Uttering empty threats from 2017 till now, has made the US the laughing stock of every nation above 15 million inhabitants. What a disgrace.
    Its the same as with his half hearted free speech advocacy. Better one does not make mention of things one does not really intent to act about.

  • Roberto Lomas
    Roberto Lomas  6 months ago

    Jack Hibbs... not

  • Roberto Lomas
    Roberto Lomas  6 months ago +1

    As always, great job Brother JD... love your prophesy updates....shout out also to Jan Markell,,Amir Psarfati, Jack Gibbs,Gary Stearman,et Al...Maranatha!

  • Wazz Zappening
    Wazz Zappening  6 months ago

    Understanding The Book Of Revelation

  • Barrie Smith
    Barrie Smith  6 months ago

    As the time around the world is part of 24 hours so at any time it will happen so be ready many believers say that it will not happen before the tribulations or in the middle if this is so you would know the time of his return pray for the unsaved that they may come to the Lord Jesus for salvation

  • Tony Lamb
    Tony Lamb  6 months ago

    The Holy Spirit has given me dreams and visions of the End of Days. What is coming will be unimaginable, beyond belief and THEN the Tribulation will come and THAT will be horror magnified many thousandfold. That will be truly HELL ON EARTH. I know because I HAVE SEEN IT!!! Jeremiah wept over what was lost, (I also weep over what was lost). (I Pray for all of You) Read Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18. - THE END IS UPON US -

  • Steffie
    Steffie  6 months ago

    VP Pence peace speech as Washington, D.C. hit with historic flooding

    Wednesday: Kushner met with CUFI people at White House on Trump peace plan; Barry began at the same time in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Sunny Skye
    Sunny Skye  6 months ago

    Thank you, Pastor Frog! We never miss a single video. God bless you and give you great favor to keep speaking truth and prophecy in these last days. <3