How I Survived 28 Days of Confinement

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 1, 2019
  • Following the traditional asian practice of confinement isn't easy - Debbie uses this month to adapt to being a mom, rest and recover after child birth, bond with little Starley and ends it off with baby's full month party!

    A big thank you to Thomson for providing Debbie with the Thomson Confinement Food Home Delivery, making it fuss free for her through her entire confinement month! To find out more and order Thomson Medical's delicious confinement food, visit

    Also, thank you to Confinement Angels for sending over a confinement nanny. She's truly an angel sent to us! For more info, visit:

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  • Cassandra Mendez
    Cassandra Mendez  13 hours ago

    My mom told me in a blink of an I she saw me as a baby then as a middle schooler

  • Shiru Biru
    Shiru Biru  yesterday

    YOU DID IT 😀

  • gold person or guy
    gold person or guy  yesterday +1

    Debbie: talks about her confinement
    Me: distracted on the baby

  • Lindsey Sangma
    Lindsey Sangma  yesterday

    *LøVe frm India 🇮🇳 north east ( Shillong) we love ❤️ you n each n everyone of you and a big hii to Princess 👑 Starley 😋... We cant wait for new vedios...

  • Radha Sajanikar
    Radha Sajanikar  yesterday +1

    YOU DID IT! :-)

    (read the description)

  • Radha Sajanikar
    Radha Sajanikar  yesterday +1

    Fun Fact: In some languages in India, especially Marathi, 'Su' means pee and 'Shi' means poo.
    Hence, Debbie, do not eat sushi, especially in India!

  • Jasmine Wee
    Jasmine Wee  yesterday +1

    You did it c:

  • manu prasad
    manu prasad  yesterday

    You Did It 😃😃😃💐💐🎉🎉🎉
    I know I am late
    But I hope it's okay

  • nidhi sonawane
    nidhi sonawane  2 days ago

    "YOU DID IT!"

  • Mereani Tabua
    Mereani Tabua  2 days ago

    WOW!!!!Such a strong women

  • Fara Baharuddin
    Fara Baharuddin  2 days ago

    Debbie is holding Starley just like her own baby sister aww 🥺❤️

  • china samuel
    china samuel  3 days ago

    anyone else see the secret code in the description?' You Did It '

  • Sylveon XYZ
    Sylveon XYZ  3 days ago

    Debbie looks sooo tired. Hope your doing well, DEBBIE!!

  • Margaux Gadiane
    Margaux Gadiane  4 days ago


  • KK 44
    KK 44  4 days ago


  • Murtaza404 Jaghori

    She changes so much

  • Cik Pidaaa
    Cik Pidaaa  5 days ago

    Chinese also need to confinement? I dont know I thought malay only , good lah because can make mum to stronger again

  • VyngX
    VyngX  5 days ago

    debbie looks so different omg.

  • Taehyung Oppa
    Taehyung Oppa  5 days ago

    Debbie is just awesome. She is such a caring mother 😍😍💟💟❤❤

  • Vivienne Lee
    Vivienne Lee  5 days ago +1

    Who thinks that Debbie is a strong mother 😀