me playing loudest sound ever created by humans (on special synth)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 28, 2018
  • i have bread crumbs all over my sweater because i just ate a sandwich before filming

    when you buy expensive music gear only to use it for a few seconds in a meme video (it's a roli seaboard)

    thank you for watching this very short video!

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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman  a years ago +29180

    this is my shortest video yet but quality over quantity! ...unfortunately this video has neither quality nor quantity, but thank you so much for your love and support

  • QuiteACasualPerson

    When everybody so dumb that u gotta explain the joke😶

  • EljOt
    EljOt  5 days ago


  • mag con
    mag con  7 days ago


  • hrt sgwr
    hrt sgwr  7 days ago

    what was that synth?

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne  7 days ago

    I-i didnt expect this

  • Duncan
    Duncan  7 days ago

    say what you want to say but this really aged well.

  • Classic Sonic
    Classic Sonic  14 days ago

    THX for watching

  • Fuzen Shimura
    Fuzen Shimura  14 days ago

    When you first played the low note , it reminded me of the old Pink Panther theme song

  • sc6ut
    sc6ut  14 days ago

    who else hates him

  • Peeps40836
    Peeps40836  21 days ago +1

    The Deep Note is the best sound in human history. Period. Hands down. End of story.

  • yung pandzter
    yung pandzter  28 days ago

    I'm guessing you wear your headphones like that so you don't mess up your hair.

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor  1 months ago +4

    Me: "come on I barely touched you, please don't cry or I'll get in trouble"

    My brother:

  • tmbottegal
    tmbottegal  1 months ago

    Thank you Seth, very cool!

    Btw wat synth is dat i want

  • Daulc Leienal
    Daulc Leienal  1 months ago +1

    Every time I hear this, I think of those moments back when I was a kid whenever my parents watch Jaws

  • Jakob
    Jakob  1 months ago

    I love it, when this sound plays in theatres

  • Григорий Кудрявцев


  • lorena buco
    lorena buco  2 months ago

    Did I just got trolled?

  • Brad Wilcox
    Brad Wilcox  2 months ago

    Hated it then
    Miss it now...

  • Unknown Master
    Unknown Master  2 months ago