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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017
  • Hey and welcome to our stream. Come listen to some of the best lofi Hip Hop music.Music by Chillhop: http://youtube.com/chillhopdotcomAll songs played are listed in the Spotify linkListen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/ChillhopSpotify


  • George U  1 years ago

    Is she done with her homework yet

  • Star Boy  12 days ago

    alxyz we know I s a girl- she’s from an anime- i forgot the anime tho

  • alxyz  12 days ago

    can yall stop assuming gendee

  • juanito More  8 months ago

    Stop scrolling and keep studying. You can do it <3

  • François PERRIN  1 months ago

    Thank you <3

  • mouhamed bouchama  1 months ago

    thanks boo

  • Elyz 98_  1 years ago

    I was doing exams to get the diploma when i used to listen to this live. At the time, i was also very depressed and suicidal. Thank you, your music helped me during one of the hardest time of my life. Thank u very much

  • Erva Naz Kıdık  18 days ago

    Strong person you are. Hope you get your degrees.

  • Sweet CupCake88  1 months ago

    awe I hope you're okay now <3

  • Hi I'm Leila  1 years ago

    Legend says she's still studying to this day.

  • bigcesjr the gamer  10 days ago

    i had to like you were one like away from 666 XD

  • Layton Miller  3 months ago

    She's not. She takes a break every 5 hrs 34 minutes and 20 seconds. THIS CHICK on the other hand IS always studying, even to this day: https://cnclips.net/video/hHW1oY26kxQ/video.html

  • amwin7  9 months ago

    she must be studying to be a doctor and a lawyer in space.

  • Miguel Terrazas  19 days ago

    And I've studied like 10 months 9 hours daily to pass one test in medicine.

  • alfie picton  1 months ago

    @Asmin Yildiz lol yyaaay jokes I like that im stealing it.

  • REEJI  1 years ago


  • 快乐yan  3 months ago

    darrell123chan duuude same, but it's k bc my parents r chill u know bbbbiiittchhh

  • Choco  10 months ago

    I hope she passes her test on Monday

  • RollingCalhaus  6 months ago

    Let me resume the comment section for you:- Is she done with her homwork yet-Legend says she's still studying to this day.-More stuf about being sorry about that sketchy girl-Stop scroling. Go study you can do it-and my non-original own comment

  • boop bop  1 years ago

    The other looping girl just isn’t the same 😪

  • Noelle Fernandez  9 months ago


  • cafe LOLO  1 years ago

    She's doing homework for more than a couple of months😩😩😩

  • Girl With Glasses  5 months ago