The hidden war over grocery shelf space

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 22, 2016
  • There's a hidden market in the supermarket — Vox's Phil Edwards explains.

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  • lma0
    lma0  4 days ago +1

    bruh i just want my froot loops

  • Amine Lachkar
    Amine Lachkar  6 days ago

    How do they make profit the, wth?

  • thelast929
    thelast929  6 days ago

    No slotting fees @ Trader Joe's. Hmmmm

  • nothere_2017
    nothere_2017  7 days ago

    Punish them, sell only online. Eliminate the middle guy.

  • lanz ortiz
    lanz ortiz  7 days ago

    Greed of capitalism. Money

  • Draw Clearly
    Draw Clearly  7 days ago +1

    Breyer’s is disgusting no cap

  • Parker Hanson
    Parker Hanson  14 days ago

    Can we stop calling everything war?

  • So Many Fandoms 89

    I wonder though... I recently started using InstaCart after a shoulder injury. Through the app, you can easily view hundreds of products. I wonder if things like InstaCart become more main stream, could grocery stores then change the way they showcase food to make it better for these companies and less expensive...?

  • Abby Berwick
    Abby Berwick  21 days ago

    "it is certainly a type of ice cream."

  • Kanav Gupta
    Kanav Gupta  28 days ago

    How do we know you haven't taken fees for taking generic ice cream as an example for your video?

  • yunotastic
    yunotastic  28 days ago +1

    M&M vs. Skittles
    Mcdonald vs. Jollibee
    Vox vs. Buzzfeed
    Generic ice cream vs. Normal ice cream

    the war is real

  • Dawn Mabalos
    Dawn Mabalos  28 days ago

    There's also psychology of this. The "eye-level" shelves are more expensive than those at the very top or bottom because they are the first one to be seen by buyers.

  • NAVYCalvin
    NAVYCalvin  28 days ago +1

    where can we get that generic ice cream?

  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson  1 months ago

    The more I learn about American capitalism, the more disgusted I feel 🤮

  • William
    William  1 months ago

    Nestle just gets involved in everything

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV  1 months ago

    hate to break this to vox, you don't need grocery stores to sell icecream, just need a refrigerated warehouse, a website, amazon, and refrigerated delivery trucks that delivers locally, then expand out as your profits grows for as long as you can deliver it properly

  • Enchantress Death
    Enchantress Death  1 months ago

    It is a controversial issue, no doubt, but perhaps there's some compromise? For example, supermarkets have a section devoted to new products, on the deal they get a cut if one of the new products does really well?

  • NES Boi86
    NES Boi86  1 months ago

    Whats next, a war about vac- oh wait anti vaxxers

  • La Corneja
    La Corneja  1 months ago

    Sorry Samantha but the music was really distracting. hard to focus on the actual content.

  • Nachiket Malpathak
    Nachiket Malpathak  1 months ago +1

    I work in the FMCG industry in India, and this happens even here. Even in corner stores, premium shelf-space is sold for a price.