Binging with Babish 3 Million Subscriber Special: The Eggscellent Challenge from Regular Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 21, 2018
  • Every thousand years, a food challenge appears that blows everyone away - the eggscellent challenge is not that challenge. Sure, it's a ridiculous breakfast portion, but a competitive eater with a sliver more gumption than I've got could've housed it easily. Join along this week as we toast to 3 million subscribers, and announce the winner of the #babishpanini challenge.

    Congratulations to the winner, Redditor u/gr8mamuffins, for making the most palatable Peter Griffin Car Panini! And congratulations to the runners up: beatsme991, OhSnapVince, Lake Titus Productions, Michael Martin, IronheartTheRedeemed, and We Can't Cook.

    Music: "XXV" and "Juparo" by Broke for Free

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  • KiToBuRiTOO Yanesa無辜嘎

    How about the krabby patty?

  • GaylordSteambag _
    GaylordSteambag _  15 hours ago

    When the egg fell

  • The_YOLOYellers!
    The_YOLOYellers!  15 hours ago +1

    Cartoon Network wants to know your location

  • Urmom Gai
    Urmom Gai  20 hours ago

    Why would anyone dislike any Babish's video?

  • LlamaPower LP
    LlamaPower LP  yesterday +1

    Make the “Chilli Dog” From Sonic Boom.

  • Jason Napier
    Jason Napier  yesterday

    Made this, was amazing and helped me impress my date, thanks bud

  • Just Another Ghoul

    "I'm day's away from turning 31, and I don't wanna die." 😂☠

  • NoLimit Julian
    NoLimit Julian  yesterday +1

    B A S I C chili

  • Lil Bugatti
    Lil Bugatti  yesterday

    Regular show made alot of foods

  • Bap
    Bap  yesterday

    Bibish you shoulda done the strat

  • 1forrest1
    1forrest1  2 days ago +16

    "Let's eat some eggs."
    Literally eats the eggshell like a boss

  • GRACIN Oconnor
    GRACIN Oconnor  2 days ago

    Did he say salt excuse me it’s kosher salt

  • Only Soup
    Only Soup  3 days ago +31


    No Babish thats not basic that gourmet

  • Killerzach 174
    Killerzach 174  3 days ago

    Wait this isn't a normal meal?

  • Trucker Nation
    Trucker Nation  3 days ago +3

    Myself and Ron Swanson could totally eat that whole thing.

  • Newt Sphere
    Newt Sphere  3 days ago

    I have never seen anyone put chocolate in mole. Was it good? Is it suppose to be sweet? My family usually makes it spicy

  • zombieguy 1223
    zombieguy 1223  3 days ago


  • Goaty 101
    Goaty 101  3 days ago

    Ay wuts that pink stuff that he drank at 8:13

  • tony cee
    tony cee  3 days ago

    Now let’s go over to Matt stonie so he can do this challenge

  • OUTLAW 87
    OUTLAW 87  3 days ago

    Your videos are addicting! I been a subscriber for a year now!!👌🏾