Apple's Foldable iPhone (2020) - Everything We Know!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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  • Jack
    Jack  6 months ago +1189

    Finally new iPhone which means price of Xs will drop down, which means X price will fall, so iPhone 8 will be cheaper and finally can afford iPhone 7.

  • Andre Dhanraj
    Andre Dhanraj  6 months ago +257

    Both screens sold separately

  • samson wong
    samson wong  5 months ago +164

    Apple has become a follower instead of a leader in innovation

  • SeclipseR G
    SeclipseR G  6 months ago +233

    There is a rumor that in 2025 Apple will introduce a new innovation called a "fast charger"

  • yohan li
    yohan li  4 months ago +40

    Ifold lol. The only problem is: it's gonna probably cost 4000-10000 dollars

  • Amar Manuja
    Amar Manuja  6 months ago +52

    We need an affordable phone not a foldable.

  • Samir thatboss
    Samir thatboss  5 months ago +12

    When apples average iPhone X with flat display and no fast charge cost 1200 dollars! What will the fold cost lol

  • Dan Frisco
    Dan Frisco  3 months ago +4

    No way Apple comes to market with a fold-able phone in 2020 or 2021. They will not jump in that early while other companies are already having issues with gen one devices that haven't even shipped to a mass market and we are mid 2019 now.

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park  6 months ago +7

    Good for Samsung lol
    Apple gonna ask Samsung for that OLED

    GOD BODY  6 months ago +174

    I’m just not a fan of this folding phone ☎️ thing

  • emnor koeng
    emnor koeng  4 months ago +11

    Galaxy Fold is more appropriate as a foldable device as it screen folds inside just like folding a book, moreover the primary screens are protected. If i am given the choice, i would rather go for the Galaxy Fold...

  • Archie Santos
    Archie Santos  6 hours ago


  • M0M0R0
    M0M0R0  4 months ago +18

    Samsung : we put out a original item
    Aplle : hold my beer

  • DJRGRnl Surinaamse Hindoestaanse DJ

    The iPhone 6 was already a foldable phone, not by design though XD

  • Colin Pater
    Colin Pater  6 months ago +482

    I'm sorry, I think the foldable phone is a bad idea
    EDIT Okay let's just say it different: I don't like the idea and don't see any reason for me to buy a foldable phone
    EDIT 2 you know what they remind me of Pokedexes I'll get one

  • The Game channel
    The Game channel  6 months ago +16

    this thing will literary have the price of two iMacs

  • Sergio Yi
    Sergio Yi  1 months ago +1

    Apple developed that technology first bendgate made with ultra cheap aluminum

  • Srjan Shetty
    Srjan Shetty  6 months ago +29

    Anyone after the launch of samsung galaxy-f

  • Power The criterion
    Power The criterion  4 months ago +1

    Apple is clever, if Samsung and hawei will flop they will not release their foldable phones safe investment

  • Explore with Rick
    Explore with Rick  6 months ago +421

    I don't get the point behind foldable phones. We already had these back in the early 2000's they where called flip phones.