Apple's Foldable iPhone (2020) - Everything We Know!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 19, 2019
  • Apple's working on a Foldable iPhone - Here's Everything We Know!
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  • dont sniff me
    dont sniff me  1 months ago

    Poepls if you hate apple that much then why are you even watching these vidoes too laugh at them for things that r almost never even related

  • Ramon JR
    Ramon JR  1 months ago

    Trying to copy Samsung

  • Metalmachine467
    Metalmachine467  1 months ago

    You think the Samsung fold costs a lot of money?
    Wait you haven't seen anything yet
    If you want a iPhone foldable phone
    It will cost the price of an iPhone 12 and iPad pro put together
    People will than line up around the block because it has an apple on it lol

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen  2 months ago

    Apple is no match for Samsung!

  • Nerockel
    Nerockel  2 months ago

    Hab nen unboxing und review Kanal über mobile Technik, ist neu und steckt viel Arbeit drin, freue mich über Unterstützung.

  • The Guy
    The Guy  2 months ago

    Apple should stay away from foldable cell phones, proper technology non existent a.t.m.

  • 콜라판다
    콜라판다  2 months ago

    Is it out folding or in folding??

  • Free world
    Free world  2 months ago

    Yeah, I'm watching this video while I'm taking a nasty dump that's how much I like apple products

  • PRodous
    PRodous  2 months ago

    First get rid of notch put an indisplay touch id and give more ram

  • Devil's Apostate
    Devil's Apostate  2 months ago

    "Eye fold"

  • David Colegrove
    David Colegrove  2 months ago

    Once again apple will copy and paste their tech with a few improvements. Must be nice to sit back and plan to copy innovation and improve a few things or just make them "look apple" then scalp their sheeple and iphone fan boys for no real innovation. Apple hasn't been innovating since the first iphone.

  • Yeeter
    Yeeter  3 months ago

    By time ifold my money back in my wallet

  • LegendGamer2447
    LegendGamer2447  3 months ago +1

    It's not IPhone, it's IFold.

  • Isisikskskskjejdjdhhdhxh

    In 2021 Apple will introduce the Apple car

  • Himal Basnet
    Himal Basnet  3 months ago

    U mother fucking much views do.u want?? Get a real job

  • h Ali
    h Ali  3 months ago

    Banis Ali/9643112790/110043

  • Banished Air
    Banished Air  3 months ago

    Xiaomi's is REALLY not the best, by far. It's not as bad as the Flexpai, but aside from that it's by far the worst foldable.

  • Haribo eater
    Haribo eater  3 months ago

    i dont speak english very well but i can understand ifold is a weird name

  • Cornn Flaek Man
    Cornn Flaek Man  3 months ago

    The iPhone 6: Am I a joke to you?

  • MatthewLP
    MatthewLP  4 months ago

    I mean Apple already invented iphone 6