Thousands of protesters march to US consulate in Hong Kong

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
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    Thousands of protesters marched to the United States consulate in Hong Kong on September 8, calling on Washington to pass an act in support of their city’s democratic development and human rights.

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  • End zeit
    End zeit  5 days ago

    No one wants to live under the control of some Communist Party. The Chinese people deserve their freedom, their religion and their future.

  • My Dream is 100.000 Subs No Video

    Those HongKong pu%%ies need help from US? F%%%ing PLEASERS!!! hahahahahah

  • Wee Kia Chua
    Wee Kia Chua  14 days ago

    Liberation = Bombing

  • laz Lastmor
    laz Lastmor  14 days ago

    for all those fools carrying that american flag read this
    immigration from Asia for "lewd and immoral purposes."

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    By the 1880s, restrictive laws such as the Page Law were considered insufficient, and many Americans wanted to ban Chinese immigration altogether. The 1868 Burlingame-Seward Treaty between the United States and China, however, forbade the United States from banning Chinese immigrants. This was overturned in 1880 with the signing of the 1880 Angell Treaty. With diplomatic restrictions lifted, Congress was able to pass the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, which banned all Chinese immigration for a 10-year period. Restrictions only increased thereafter, with laws such as the Scott Act, which banned legal Chinese-American residents from re-entering the United States after a visit to China.

  • Emily Rose Watson
    Emily Rose Watson  a months ago

    Ok..this is really want to be f.cked ? Really ?

  • Raymond Wee
    Raymond Wee  a months ago

    You wait long long la. You are independece but you ask USA for help????

  • 李华侨
    李华侨  a months ago +1

    They'll find out USA flag is made in China😂

  • Xing Ha Lee
    Xing Ha Lee  a months ago

    the Hong Mongers. they surely love to live under colonial rule. perfect slaves

  • Spongebob Dude
    Spongebob Dude  a months ago

    Why so many wear masks ?? Take it off so everyone can recognise you

  • DELIA Manliguez
    DELIA Manliguez  a months ago

    hk must learn from ph. what hppen when you need help to US

  • Oh H.S.
    Oh H.S.  a months ago

    This is exceeding limits of tolerance . These traitors should be imprisoned for life, exiled. probably shot

  • Unlicensed Pharmacist

    all the communist lovers in comment section in full force in display

  • Peter Chan
    Peter Chan  a months ago

    USA to scare see all the protesters destroy their own country they will do the same where ever they going to cambodia before nineteen eighty

  • Law Siew Kui
    Law Siew Kui  a months ago


  • Hildugard
    Hildugard  a months ago

    Taiwan is watching.

  • Chongqing Alleycat
    Chongqing Alleycat  a months ago +1

    Wow...a lot of salty communists in these comments. Its ok..America still loves you.

  • Lim Ah Min
    Lim Ah Min  a months ago

    president trump pls take in they love

  • Om Ken
    Om Ken  a months ago


  • 李华侨
    李华侨  a months ago +1

    They'll Find out America flag is made in China🤣🤣

  • 李华侨
    李华侨  a months ago

    American flag is made in China