Top 10 NEW FPS Games of 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 16, 2019
  • These are the new and upcoming FPS games we're paying attention to for 2019.Subscribe for more: Young BloodPC PS4 XBOX ONE SWITCHRELEASE: Jul 26, 2019Rage 2PC PS4 XBOX ONERELEASE: May 14, 2019Apex LegendsPC PS4 XBOX ONERELEASE: Feb 4, 2019ATOMIC HEARTPC PS4 XBOX ONERELEASE: 2019MordhauPCRELEASE: APR 29, 2019Outer WorldsPC PS4 XBOX ONERELEASE: OCT 25, 2019Metro ExodusPC PS4 XBOX ONERELEASE: FEB 15, 2019Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019PC PS4 XBOX ONERELEASE: OCT 25, 2019DOOM EternalPC PS4 XBOX ONE SWITCHRELEASE: NOV 22, 2019Borderlands 3PC PS4 XBOX ONE STADIARELEASE: SEP 13, 2019


  • Maj0rFloater  a months ago

    Here I am wondering why Cyberpunk isn't on this list and then I realized it's coming out in 2020 and then I realized it's 4:20 and then I realized that's why I don't realize anything. I'm hungry.

  • Michael  2 days ago

    Oooff that was sweet :)

  • Alberto Vianello  5 days ago

    @ItsYaBoyTC F

  • Grand Noobian  a months ago

    Mordhau is a first person shooter now?ok then.

  • GrayFox370 mad XD

  • dragon360ful1  16 days ago

    dice needs to reboot bf3

  • Alptraum  a months ago

    Falcon: "This is the game I am probably most excited for this year.5th place

  • RyuN  28 days ago

    Falcon's videos are generally the lows for gameranx. No offence tho

  • BEHEMOTH  29 days ago

    Alptraum it’s just a number

  • ItsYaBoyTC  a months ago

    "I'm going to make games, and people are going to play them. We'll see who'll be laughing then"

  • Nathlaaar  29 days ago

    Embarrassingly admits "Yes I was in the chess club."

  • Omar Hassan  a months ago

    Very well

  • Rob Buchan  a months ago

    I've been looking forward to Atomic Heart for a while now

  • Flying Pigs CO  14 days ago

    @Simon Hil me too it's really making me scared to purchase it I used to be extremely excited now im kinda scared

  • ambis99  29 days ago

    Same here!

  • UnSeen  29 days ago

    1:17 "The whole environment of the 1980s owned by nazis is just...I cannot wait to see it!"Alright pal, why don't we slow it down a bit

  • Emmanuel Dedman  28 days ago


  • Ashlie Sanders  28 days ago

    @Ruairitrick the game is supposed to be an alternate future where the Nazi won WW2...and now we're 40 years later (the '80s)

  • Thomas  27 days ago

    0:13 - Wolfenstein Young Blood1:46 - RAGE 23:11 - Apex Legends4:23 - ATOMIC HEART5:23 - Mordhau5:18 - The Outer Worlds7:43 - Metro Exodus9:13 - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 201910:12 - DOOM Eternal11:02 - Borderlands 3Bonus Games:12:03 - Insurgency Sandstorm12:21 - GTFO

  • I could be studying for my finals right now.But I could also realize working at McDonalds has some advantagesEDIT: I take back my previous statement

  • Quantum Waves  20 days ago

    @Eteuati SLol you kept it going for quite a bit LMFAO good one dude!

  • Eteuati S  29 days ago

    Twisted_legacies um I’m a little confuse. Your mistake? So my mistake or am I the mistake? Are you the mistake? Your? Your is like when you giving possession to someone so it’s my mistake? What’s the mistake i made? Ohhhhhhh wait did you mean you’re a mistake😂 oh come on man use the right your mannnnnn 😉 make some god damn sense

  • malbac6  a months ago

    If Atomic Heart only manages to keep pace with the writing of Bioshock and doesn't waste the thematic potential of the title then I'm sold. The game looks awesome and could end up having much to say.

  • RyuN  28 days ago

    The crosshair sucks ass though

  • mjs188  a months ago

    @Zoli Kat came to the comments to say the same thing lol

  • Serj Herman  29 days ago

    AHAHAHAHA, that censored middle finger at 11:50We can show you people getting torn to smithereens but flipping the bird is too much.

  • Phantom Buster  27 days ago

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it's for comedy

  • chirp chip  28 days ago

    That's how it was in the trailer! It was sort of a joke....