The voices of children separated at the border

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 19, 2018
  • Over 2,300 children have been separated from their families.

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    In April 2018, the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions instituted a “zero tolerance” policy on undocumented immigration. Undocumented migrants and asylum seekers detained at the border now face immediate criminal prosecution, often before their asylum claims can even be processed. Thousands of children and other migrants are now being held in detention centers operated by US Customs and Border Protection, where they await trial.

    A backlash against this policy is growing, with conservatives and liberals alike decrying it as cruel and inhumane. Both the White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Sessions have explicitly cited the policy as a preemptive deterrent to undocumented migration, though the administration has since backtracked on that message.

    We want to help shed light on this. Has your family been separated at the US–Mexico border? Are you a worker at a detention center, or do you aid families who have been affected? Tell us more at or 347-244-2134.

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  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +1167

    Has your family been separated at the US–Mexico border? Are you a worker at a detention center, or do you aid families who have been affected?

    If you want to share a story, you can get in touch with ProPublica at or 347-244-2134.

  • 690169016901
    690169016901  2 days ago

    And this how you create hate for America. U r creating a generation of terrorists

  • honey baby
    honey baby  3 days ago

    this honestly makes me sick. how anyone can simply justify the separation of actual children from their families, which as you can see and HEAR causes immense distress and trauma to these INNOCENT children is beyond me. shame on you all who think this is acceptable.

  • Cassius Redgun
    Cassius Redgun  14 days ago

    USA is a disgraceful place

  • Sara W
    Sara W  14 days ago

    Republicans are disgusting.

  • Thotaku TM
    Thotaku TM  21 days ago

    America used to be such a respected country, now it's so looked down on

  • William Kimmons
    William Kimmons  21 days ago

    The parents are to blame in this. That much is clear.

  • Tee S
    Tee S  28 days ago

    How is it okay for some people that are illegal from other countries, can hide in places like Oregon, Iowa, Colorado and other places in the US.. THEY Don't get sent back. they are making a living, never stopped and commit crimes. I m quite sure there's Aisans Lebonese, Germans and many more. They've live here for ever and there's no questions on their status here in the US. Now thats racism.

  • Not to be racist, but

    They separate kids from parents at the border because it is a crime to cross the border illegally. Just like anyone committing a crime in the united states would get you separated from your child. Come to a port of entry and do it legally.

  • Gianella Portillo
    Gianella Portillo  1 months ago

    Hispanic might not own the USA but they made the USA and no one would be nothing without them .

  • YouTube Moderator
    YouTube Moderator  1 months ago

    Shame what these horrid people are doing to their own children. The WALL would have prevented every tear of every child smuggled and trafficked into the USA, and would have made the anchor children happy at home with their parents in mexico.

  • Mike Ries
    Mike Ries  1 months ago

    If you're planning on committing a crime don't bring your kids. It's child endangerment and this video is the result of people endangering their children while committing an international crime.

  • ArticYeti
    ArticYeti  1 months ago

    asylum is a human right. for those of you who seem to have a problem with it, you should really check your morality.

  • Amy York
    Amy York  1 months ago

    I understand that the children are blameless and that this is heartbreaking, however, responsibility is upon the parents for knowingly crossing the border illegally.

  • Yasmin Ramirez
    Yasmin Ramirez  1 months ago

    I don't get why some white people are saying Mexican people deserve to get separate form there family imagine u were Mexican u will feel bad so there don't to be making fun of then I'm Latino so I'm protect them
    Even my dad

  • Taylor Eubanks Vlogs

    This is exactly why trump does not need to be our president.

  • Mike Okk
    Mike Okk  1 months ago

    If you can’t enter this country legally, then you get no sympathy from me.

  • Robert Masina
    Robert Masina  1 months ago

    A liberal guilt trip imposed on us.

  • RobinThe Wolf
    RobinThe Wolf  1 months ago

    “Humans are the most intelligent race” they said.

  • SwornReaper
    SwornReaper  1 months ago

    It's like they are bringing the problems to us and if we don't fix it and do it right, it would be our fault. What the heck is this????!!!! Why??!!! Aren't we got enough problems already!!!!???