Jason Momoa Mo-Monologue - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018


  • Honor Heisler
    Honor Heisler  8 months ago +1095

    This dude is wearing a white leather jacket, pink leather pants, an unsnapped bodysuit, and is barefoot. And looks fantastic. How.

  • Ke'Juan Moses
    Ke'Juan Moses  8 months ago +1465

    This mf is wearing pink pants and could still take my girl lol.

  • scollin
    scollin  8 months ago +1633

    We don’t deserve him. Big goofy wonderful human

  • MikeyJules69
    MikeyJules69  8 months ago +544

    Every time Jason Momoa cries, a woman gets pregnant.

  • εdψ αηdrαdε
    εdψ αηdrαdε  8 months ago +2062

    Lisa Bonet is so lucky.

  • Chris G.
    Chris G.  8 months ago +1824

    I swear Jason gives off the best energy he seems like the best person to go to a party with!!!!

  • Holden Zakarian
    Holden Zakarian  8 months ago +1593

    Anyone catch that he’s barefoot?

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  8 months ago +1101

    Jason pulled it off wearing those pink pants

  • Sweetzerlandia
    Sweetzerlandia  8 months ago +54

    My favorite thing about Jason Momoa (aside from everything) is how he doesn't conceal his enthusiasm. He's like a Great Dane Puppy just BOUNDING around joyfully everywhere he goes. I'm constantly worried he's going to break something or someone, but he never seems to lol - The man is a delight

  • Mark of CAIN
    Mark of CAIN  8 months ago +767

    He deserved a much more creative monologue. This guy is fire.

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty  8 months ago +81

    He is very well aware of his blessings on the physical attractiveness scale.
    But he exudes a happy positive welcoming loving energy that attracts me FAR more than his physical presence.
    May he be a spiritual mentor for males to come.

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  8 months ago +599

    Jason looks like the hottest caveman 😂

  • Sarah TheDragon
    Sarah TheDragon  8 months ago +154

    His outfit reminds me of Hannah Montana

  • CA 0
    CA 0  8 months ago +875

    Watch out Chris Hemsworth or the Rock

  • Tokyo City
    Tokyo City  8 months ago +308

    He must have cried cause it's raining real bad right now in Hawaii

  • Molly Oy
    Molly Oy  8 months ago +287

    Pink leather never looked so good 😁

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis  8 months ago +249

    Honestly, who cannot like Jason Momoa?!?

  • Leonaza7
    Leonaza7  8 months ago +326

    Although he didn’t speak much in his monologue, I was more than satisfied with his charism and enthusiasm and his sexiness. 🤤😍🥰

  • TSM
    TSM  8 months ago +339

    leslie the only one who isn't dwarfed by jason 😂

  • Celtic Echo
    Celtic Echo  8 months ago +99

    Is there another man who could pull off shiny pink trousers and still look sexy as hell? I don’t think so!!!!!!