Valentine's Day Brownies - You Suck at Cooking (episode 57)

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 13, 2017
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  • Sporco Figlio di Puttana
    Sporco Figlio di Puttana  2 years ago +3256

    Not that it matters or anything but I hear that Chad has a bigger cooking channel and uses exotic ingredients. like I said, it doesn't matter but I thought I'd mention it.

  • Felicity Liu
    Felicity Liu  a years ago +2131

    written recipe for anyone who's actually making this bc it's actually a hella good brownie recipe
    1/2 cup flour
    1 cup sugar
    1/3 cup cocoa
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup melted butter
    350 for 25 minutes

  • Emmie M
    Emmie M  a years ago +197


  • ֆהტϣ
    ֆהტϣ  2 years ago +630

    I think your cutting board is broken, it reverses your right hand.
    Or it reverses your left hand, and then switches your hands.

    ĆÂÇTŪŠ JÄČK  2 years ago +831

    Ok so I actually decided to make these( it was the first time I've tried making something from one of your videos) and they were damn good.

  • Jayadi Ong
    Jayadi Ong  2 years ago +208

    At 1:34
    "but we're only hurting ourselves by avoiding the discomfort of the inevitable change?"
    That's deep man, got a problem with your gf or something?

  • Benny and Buttercup
    Benny and Buttercup  10 months ago +88

    Remember when he made the break up pasta and he left a break up note underneath. Look on top of the right had side on the second layer at 1:59 there’s the break up note. Say high to chad for me!!

  • Rett 55
    Rett 55  2 years ago +112

    Did anyone notice at the beginning he had two left hands????

  • Chrieschie pet0r
    Chrieschie pet0r  a years ago +50

    This Video actually made me break up with my boyfriend back then
    thanks for that I'm feeling better now

  • Moke Banana
    Moke Banana  2 years ago +6178

    Two left thumbs up for this video.

  • GreyBeard29
    GreyBeard29  2 years ago +21

    God I love this channel, it's like casually explained with food

  • toffee&lime
    toffee&lime  7 months ago +17

    the Annual Relationship Flashcard Test felt so personal

  • DeUsFp
    DeUsFp  2 years ago +5

    Sees no note in the brownies initially Good vid...
    Notices note placed in the brownies on the second shot of them after the notecards
    Is this like the spaghetti?

  • yeet beet
    yeet beet  a years ago +10

    I added a little bit more regret and some violence and then took out most of the love, but it tasted great and I didn't exactly make them during valentine's day, but these are more of an any day thing for me.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure  2 years ago +1373

    The cutting board is obviously done, since it didn't stick to the toothpick.

  • TheOfficial_Mac
    TheOfficial_Mac  1 months ago +6

    When you realize that at the start of the video there’s 2 left hand

  • M Ram Aneeshwar
    M Ram Aneeshwar  9 months ago +8

    You sir have a hidden slide
    But we're only hurting ourselves more by avoiding the discomfort of inevitable change

  • Pascal Anema
    Pascal Anema  3 months ago +2

    Did anyone else maybe sometimes get the inkling that he may just be very lonely except for his dogs?

  • OGRaven Wolf2
    OGRaven Wolf2  2 years ago +2

    Did anyone else notice he had 2 left hands in the beginning

  • Entamer
    Entamer  2 years ago +2101

    Didn't even let the eggs say goodbye to each other. What have you become?