10 GIANT Products that Actually Work!



  • Lexis Williams
    Lexis Williams  an hour ago

    15:13 don't ask. Just go

  • Jacob Salada
    Jacob Salada  an hour ago

    what tat button do?

  • Madison Dykstra
    Madison Dykstra  2 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the bunny fell over and they didn’t fix it for the longest time.

  • Nick g
    Nick g  2 hours ago

    Who is theynos

    • Nick g
      Nick g  an hour ago

      I was just poking fun at tanner I know who thanos is

    • Madison Dykstra
      Madison Dykstra  an hour ago

      Nick g they bad guy in a marvel movie

  • lil stylos
    lil stylos  4 hours ago

    Samsung's are better than iPhones

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton  4 hours ago

    9:39, Tanner is infected with *THE FLOOD*

  • Aleisha Games
    Aleisha Games  5 hours ago

    10:38 I watched yes, man the movie today actually so

  • Aiden Hara
    Aiden Hara  5 hours ago

    How much coke was used in this video?

  • Narhan 9000
    Narhan 9000  6 hours ago

    Just go to sams club

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse  7 hours ago

    bruh android phones have some of the best cameras

  • ???????????????
    ???????????????  7 hours ago

    I actually sharpened my finger I had to go the hospital till this day I can't feel my finger. I'm not lying I'm telling the truth

  • Midnigt Wolf
    Midnigt Wolf  9 hours ago

    straight up trick shot master Matt with the ball.

  • Pokemon Gamerz
    Pokemon Gamerz  11 hours ago

    I had a giant whooppee cushion

  • Fallout4Gamer 749
    Fallout4Gamer 749  15 hours ago

    Pause at 4:02

  • MarwaO Games
    MarwaO Games  15 hours ago +1

    anyone remember the mobo pro? IK RANDOMM

    BASIL AB  18 hours ago

    They are like a bunch of kids

  • doctor man fish cool

    video suggestion (dope or nope food truck edition)

  • Jeremi Lans
    Jeremi Lans  18 hours ago

    Is Tanner and Joey a twin brother?

  • Lizzie McGuire
    Lizzie McGuire  19 hours ago

    These mildly insensible jokes are annoying highkey. I’m less offended and more annoyed at the fact that the jokes just are funny lololololol

  • chas thompson
    chas thompson  21 hours ago +1

    0:57 Uhm...does anyone else notice how the supreme dolls underwear is pulled down a bit...?
    Uhm...What are you doing in your spare tine...?