Mind Blowing SEAFOOD in Fukuoka Japan

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • First night in Fukuoka, and I am starving. I went to a seafood restaurant where they have the fish takes right in front of you, and serve your food freshly caught.


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  • darren shepperd
    darren shepperd  2 days ago

    dont go to japan they kill dolphins and whales by going to japan you support that trade

  • CurryBoy
    CurryBoy  5 days ago

    6:40 I always eat that fish. The fish I get is apparently from the deep sea, which is red and it's the best fish with that sauce.

  • viha bui
    viha bui  5 days ago

    please put down your chopstcks while gesturing

  • Robert Arrowood
    Robert Arrowood  7 days ago

    How much of the food do you not finish?

  • Pinochet's Helicopter
    Pinochet's Helicopter  14 days ago +1

    You're seriously missing out from being afraid to eat sashimi etc.

  • Gurpreet Rai RSB SINGH

    plz dubbet in hindi indian language

  • O Honda
    O Honda  21 days ago

    5:19 I would eat tons of rice with that fish

  • Natalie Rimpson
    Natalie Rimpson  21 days ago

    Wonder what it smells like in there

  • Daniel Honey
    Daniel Honey  21 days ago

    I’m the opposite of you I live raw fish but think cooked fish is fowl

  • Xkkj Gaming
    Xkkj Gaming  a months ago

    That fish tho....Look like my pee Pee 《¤~¤》xd jk

  • Georgius Mike
    Georgius Mike  a months ago

    I love how he doesn't hold back on his review. Like it or not, he brings the truth. TY...

  • David Wu
    David Wu  a months ago

    This guy truly loves food

  • Kyle Morrison
    Kyle Morrison  a months ago

    lets get it to a million views, love you mikey

  • LL
    LL  a months ago

    That matcha mochi looks so good

  • Jasmine A. Hart
    Jasmine A. Hart  a months ago

    I want to go out to dinner with you.........

  • Rebecca Gateley
    Rebecca Gateley  a months ago

    I live in Southern Arkansas, we don't have options like you eat at around here that I am aware of. You ever find a fabulous seafood/pho/ramen place near Texarkana,TX, Shreiveport, LA, or Eldorado, AR let a homie know

  • Phouvan Chan
    Phouvan Chan  a months ago

    If i was rich mofo!! Yeah....thats the kind of resturaunt id open in the states! WHY?!! OH WHY?!!! DONT WE HAVE ONE HERE?!!! 😥

  • zoro riddick
    zoro riddick  a months ago

    Heading her tomorrow for 2 days from sasebo.

  • sunnyboy8644
    sunnyboy8644  a months ago +1

    o.0 looks so good..............

  • Justin Tabunda
    Justin Tabunda  2 months ago +1

    This is easily one of my favorite videos coming from you man. I really like this. More power to you!!