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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 7, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +86

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  • MMOByte
    MMOByte  a years ago +920

    I like how Mat takes the time to think everything through then proceeds to get every one wrong. I love him.

  • Simon James
    Simon James  a years ago +406

    Do not mess with that grandma.

  • i HaVe A pLaN oRtHuR
    i HaVe A pLaN oRtHuR  a years ago +251

    MatPat: Judging by the camera quality and trajectory, if I apply theoretical physics and Pythagoras theorem while calculating the pixel resolution in regards to the fountain; the answer boils down to A.
    Literally everyone else: it's Darth Vader because why not

  • Hansini Kumar
    Hansini Kumar  a years ago +209

    there are two types of people:
    "the way the camera is set up, it makes it seem as though it's going to be an after effects style video, so A"
    "I dunno, I guess C"

  • Shadow Knight
    Shadow Knight  a years ago +98


  • Simon S.
    Simon S.  a years ago +68

    I like how MatPat explains it so intelligently but ends up being wrong!

  • Jordan’s Theatre Stuff
    Jordan’s Theatre Stuff  a years ago +158

    Keep getting MatPat in these videos it makes it more entertaining

  • Zøe Lastnamé
    Zøe Lastnamé  a years ago +111

    I love how matpat uses his analyzing skills to predict what’s gonna happen next Just like when he comes up with theories

  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  a years ago +329

    This was so much fun! 😊💕

  • Wilmore Harris
    Wilmore Harris  a years ago +213

    That grandma just yeeted on that T.V.

  • Jo Marie
    Jo Marie  a years ago +39

    8:10 "Portland has this Vader dude who rides around on a unicycle with a bagpipe" may be my all-time favorite react quote now

  • Literalhomestucktrash
    Literalhomestucktrash  a years ago +78

    Comments section: Matpat overanalyzes everything
    Me: yeah and that's why he's my favorite YouTuber

  • Louisa Glen
    Louisa Glen  a years ago +45

    I am a simple child
    I see MatPat, I click

  • Hector Vela
    Hector Vela  a years ago +63

    Its simple, I see MatPat, I click

  • Luke Davids
    Luke Davids  a years ago +53

    Matpat here with a fully descriptive analysis

  • AmvUnity
    AmvUnity  a years ago +60

    know its gonna be great when Matts in it

  • Kareem Ibrahim
    Kareem Ibrahim  a years ago +33

    Matpat was over thinking it a lot😂.

  • Nathalie Munti
    Nathalie Munti  a years ago +80

    2:54 “Who rides a bike with an umbrella like that?” - The Dutch, among others

  • Jenny Witmer
    Jenny Witmer  a years ago +20

    As someone who lives in Portland OR I instantly knew it was the Darth Vader, because I've seen him many times downtown!!