Copart Flood 2013 Dodge Dart $1535 70% Off! State Inspection Time!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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  • Faze Vector  2 months ago

    Man she looks good just give her a clay bar and polish it so the paint will come back to life

  • Ian Dixon  2 months ago

    Looking good mate..cannot wait till the next one...making some money well done.

  • JM811Cars  2 months ago

    @AverageLuke No, his wife.... lol

  • Carlos Morales  2 months ago

    dam your wife avoids the camera like the plague 🤣😂

  • brian5o  2 months ago

    Carlos Morales Jessica is great and I’d bet most of us love her. It’s a real shame she is so scared of going on camera but, in a way, I understand.

  • kola sillers  2 months ago

    You was not bothered to clean up before inspection?

  • Alan Audi  2 months ago

    Good job But please don’t paint it It’s good As it is

  • xGARIDx  2 months ago

    Lol black car with blue bumper? Yea sounds good

  • Mark Byrge  2 months ago

    I have to agree with you on that. And, the factory paint is less likely to flake or crack as a 300.00 paint job might.

  • Labeeb Abdul azeez  2 months ago

    Go with mike to paint the back bumper, not need of maaco paint job

  • Jon Smith  2 months ago

    I would vote for Mike to paint just the back bumper to match.    A repaint never looks as good as factory paint.

  • Curtis Jarvis  2 months ago

    A $300 paint job from Maaco certainly won't look as good as factory paint

  • Joes Golden Garage  2 months ago

    Goonzquad filmed all their content with iPhone 7. No biggie dude

  • Keith Collins  2 months ago

    Thanks for caring about the next guy. You don’t find many who makes sure stuff is rite- they just sell it off with out even checking out the cars at all.

  • Road Dog  2 months ago

    $20 drive thru wash or...1 hose 1 bucket10 minutes

  • Sean Sullivan  1 months ago

    Tim used to do that sort of thing...guess Randy is going to have to find someone else to do the messy jobs.

  • Tim White  2 months ago

    Hi you work hard.but why do you wast your money $300 on black bumper + detailing .paint same Bumper. Safe your money.i beliveYou make good money these typeOff cars.all the best.stay safe.

  • GreyFox2000  2 months ago

    The detail helps the car sell better

  • WaterZone GT  2 months ago

    Tim White he can sell the blue bumper