How To Make a YouTube Intro On Your Phone (iOS/Android) - August 2018

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
  • Here's how To Make a YouTube Intro on your iOS/Android phone without a computer!

    You might have thought that making an intro can be difficult or even impossible without a computer. But there is a way to make a YouTube intro on your phone. Find out how in this video!

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    To only thing I don’t like about this app is that it shows it’s logo in the intro and outro

  • SpöökyGamër 514
    SpöökyGamër 514  2 months ago

    How do you put it on your video

  • Jared Musics
    Jared Musics  2 months ago

    i received an ad lol that show wasting of rescources lol i learned things from it so i did not skip it

  • Pulusi .T
    Pulusi .T  3 months ago

    Instructions unclear. Phone glitched and now I have 7 kids.

  • ツWavyEager
    ツWavyEager  3 months ago +1

    Why not panzoid lol

  • Arctic Hoax
    Arctic Hoax  3 months ago

    IT has a watermerk tho

  • Alexander Hammontree
    Alexander Hammontree  4 months ago +1

    I can't find the app

  • asia culture
    asia culture  4 months ago

    Nice video

  • CB’s PlayTime FunTime

    But after that how do you add it to your video on YouTube?

  • Super Slimes Tv
    Super Slimes Tv  5 months ago

    Mines is not working

  • Horsepower
    Horsepower  5 months ago

    If you cant download it for whatever reason, search up an APK Download, it will install the app. BEWARE THOUGH, you could get a virus. Dont blame me.

    SIVARAJ KAILAS  6 months ago

    I got a FlareGun in PUBG!!!

    TECHNICAL KIDS  6 months ago

    R U Indian

  • Juxi
    Juxi  6 months ago

    face reveallllllll 1:25

  • Ghost
    Ghost  6 months ago

    I agree, sounds EXACTLY like chills.

  • Danzie
    Danzie  6 months ago +1

    Number 15..the last thing u want on ur burger king burger burger is someone else's burger on your burgur but you might JUSTTT get that

  • Fenris1349
    Fenris1349  7 months ago +4

    Intros require a little more creativity than downloading an app.

  • Justin Zhuo
    Justin Zhuo  7 months ago

    Lol YUP

  • jesse quezada
    jesse quezada  7 months ago


  • Justin Munguia-Cisneros
    Justin Munguia-Cisneros  7 months ago +2

    you coul see som of his face i mean ya?!