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  • Bruce Kelly  (Jun 27, 2018))

    Best Weather Music in the WORLD. I could listen to it all day long.

  • Ri Shu  (Jun 19, 2018))

    Regular comment access on live stream...Well ..

  • immadomenow  (Jul 8, 2018))

    thank you Jehovah! awesome news that got 6 of them out so far!!

  • Mike M  (Aug 22, 2018))

    Unbelievable! You can see the University of Miami professor is extremely biased. I can't believe France 24 has become more anti-Trump than MSNBC.So sad.

  • Pasquino Marforio  (Jun 11, 2018))

    NGO vessel Aquarius is not a 'rescure boat'. It's an illegal alien smuggling boat that picks up illegals just off the coast of Libya, to transport them to Europe. If it was a rescue boat, they would be dropping them off at the nearest ports. Which are in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, or Morocco.

  • Samuel Uyi  (Jun 29, 2018))

    Pasquino Marforio madness indeed

  • candle - candle  (Jul 16, 2018))

    la france a gagner la c oupe du monde 2018 2 etoile en 20 ansaller les bleu bravo pour la croatie qui a tres bien jouer

  • Mariana Santos  (Jun 12, 2018))

    Tânia bilhodres planeja ver preso ou morto o pai da filha dela

  • LineKnife  (Jun 19, 2018))

    Нах мне это нужно?

  • Pasquino Marforio  (Jun 12, 2018))

    LOL. The media is just mad because America didn't have to send NoKo a secret pallet of cash, and President Trump refused to bow to another head of state.

  • See Mihail  (Jul 17, 2018))

    Who paid for Obama's travel at Mandela's Birthday Anniversary?