Samsung Galaxy S9 Impressions!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 25, 2018
  • Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are here, in the flesh. Worth the upgrade?

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  • Samir Yadav
    Samir Yadav  7 days ago

    Make video between s9+ vs oneplus 7

  • myohmyli
    myohmyli  a months ago

    I'm watching this September 2019 on my galaxy s9+ (I've had it since May 2018.. lol I'm waiting for 2020 or 2021 to get a new Samsung phone

  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell  2 months ago

    ha just got one myself for just under £250 tho it was locked to O2 and in C condition

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole  2 months ago

    Back when he was still uploading in 16:9

  • Not your Business
    Not your Business  2 months ago +5

    I was considering but I said screw it and got the s10+ 🤣

  • MrParis22
    MrParis22  3 months ago

    Have my j6 case on my s9

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado  3 months ago

    How convenient that both Apple and Samsung are on 10,about the same price for flagship devices and release closely. Could there be collusion here?

  • Zulqarnain haider
    Zulqarnain haider  3 months ago

    Bought it a year ago, still runs like a champ . watching on the S9

  • Helldie boy46
    Helldie boy46  4 months ago

    My s9+ battery drain 100% to 80% in just 1 hour is it ok ??

  • Robert Urkevich
    Robert Urkevich  4 months ago

    Does it have a flashing notification light on s9 ?

  • Amit Sahu
    Amit Sahu  4 months ago


  • Aslam Ansari
    Aslam Ansari  4 months ago

    After 1 years?

  • MrParis22
    MrParis22  5 months ago +1

    Got the black version of the s9

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I  5 months ago

    The Variable Aperture on the Galaxy S9/S9+ is so underrated.

  • Federico de Brun
    Federico de Brun  6 months ago +1

    Anyone else getting the video recommended in 2019? What's going on with Youtube recommendations algorithim? 😂😂😂

  • 'Marvel'Tech Mobile
    'Marvel'Tech Mobile  6 months ago

    Hey Marques. I comment on a good many of your vlogs. Been a long time subscriber and have always thought you were the standard of which or what YouTube should be. At such a young age you are wise beyond your years man. I'm Kashton. I write for Android Cental Mobile Nations. I have also have a young YouTube channel KashtonTech Reviews and Discussions. Check it out if you can and man I would be honored if you subscribed. I occasionally do off topic vlogs as I'm a philosopher and visionary.

    I'm digging your tshirt you wore in this vlog. I recently was offered by best buy what I think to be the deal of the century on the Samsung S8 5.8 in the Coral Blue for only $300 which for reference was March 2019. I go through toms of different devices to review and test. I enjoy the variety. My question is that I recently from over the past two years of in depth research have all but quit apple as they no longer are the company I personally ran my 18 year business model after as today they have become more of an over inflated accessories company that lacks any type of innovation or vision like the company I used to know. Other than tablets I have converted to either Samsung or Huawei as my daily drivers.

    So back to this killer deal I got from the poorest customer service I have memory of as I had decided after buying the Note 9 and the Mate 20 Pro to save some money and opted to try the LG G6 long to short best buy totally messed me over on color and service so another manager stepped in and offered their last Coral Blue 5.8 S8 to me for $300. I thought it to be simply a deal I could not pass on which I dont think I will honestly loose money on as if I'm not mistaken the 5.8 Coral Blue S8 is somewhat a rare hard color to come by?? So my question is should I upgrade to the S9 coral blue which I like the S8 coral blue color better but I have a collaboration deal with XtremeSkins so I currently have a killer Red skin Coral blue camera skin on it. Do you think I should go for the S9 or 6.1 S10. I'm loving the Flamingo coral reddish color. Would love to hear what your thoughts were on those two or simply put stay put no pun intended with the deal I received on the S8 coral blue and just wait on Pie to hit my unlocked device?

    Take care Marques


  • stephen Kobby
    stephen Kobby  6 months ago +2

    Thumbs up if you believe Samsung is the best smartphone ever

  • Neal Frost
    Neal Frost  6 months ago

    One thing i do love about Samsung phones is the headphone Jack

  • Silent Glitch
    Silent Glitch  7 months ago

    That blue is gorgeous!

  • QuikLight
    QuikLight  7 months ago

    Why is everyone ignoring the s9? You seriously want a tablet in your unfitting pocket?