Zucchini Noodles - You Suck at Cooking (episode 42)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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    Come for the salad. Stay for the vegetable hate-ballad.


    1) buy a jullienne peeler
    2) wonder why you didn't know about julienne peelers
    3) buy a zucchini
    4) form a strong social bond
    5) betray the zucchini and shred it into noodles with that wonderful julienne peeler
    6) 1 avocado, half lemon, half clove of garlic, a fuck-tonne of basil, a dash of honey, throw into a food processor. Pick up the food processor and shake vigorously until it is mixed smooth.
    7) call your parents and tell them they were wrong when they said you'd never amount to anything
    8) go to their house at night and fling the zucchini noodles all over their exterior walls
    9) show up the next morning and pretend to feel bad and help them clean it off
    10) bask in the relationship you never knew you could have


  • Lindsey
    Lindsey  16 hours ago

    Someone is having a fabulous time while looking at the thumbnail

  • Proser
    Proser  3 days ago


  • billies avacado
    billies avacado  6 days ago

    I'm listening to twenty one pilots but this video is still there except the actual video everything else is there it's weird

  • тнαт σиє αѕιαи gιяl

    1:15 screw porn hub. I got this instead.

  • plantzels prets
    plantzels prets  7 days ago

    That thumbnail sure is something

  • Hjaja Bjka
    Hjaja Bjka  7 days ago +1

    2:54 Cerberus brother that only have one head

  • Curtiss Cox
    Curtiss Cox  7 days ago

    It's actually called zoodles... So get it right

  • Eden
    Eden  7 days ago

    I suck at cooking so much I can’t tell if the milking part is a joke or not

  • Maths Sucks
    Maths Sucks  21 days ago

    I made this! The avocado mix was really really good and overall the salad turned out well. I added cucumbers too. Yum!

  • StoneCold SteveAutistic

    Zucchini porn.

  • MTB&more
    MTB&more  1 months ago +1

    Looks like he tried to play a c chord, the a g chord, then a d chord on a zucchini lol

  • Jacob_2304
    Jacob_2304  1 months ago

    Is that a jojo reference

  • Diebeck
    Diebeck  1 months ago +4

    3:09 Ah yes more zucchini. Wait, HOLD ON

  • Cedric.
    Cedric.  1 months ago

    That thumbnail took my mind many places

  • hayden heller
    hayden heller  1 months ago

    Trump that shit on there.

  • The Gaming Life
    The Gaming Life  1 months ago +1

    Wow that thumbnail tho

  • L0st spills
    L0st spills  1 months ago

    Lol when I saw the milk I thot it was cu.. nvm

  • Tyler R
    Tyler R  1 months ago

    Are those good boys at the end akitas??

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy  1 months ago

    You didn't make a single noodle in this video

  • ideal.mp4
    ideal.mp4  2 months ago

    I agree, ** eggplant